7 Things To Do In London If You’re Counting Your Pennies This Weekend

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7 Things To Do In London If You’re Counting Your Pennies This Weekend

If you’re not sure what to do this weekend or were prepared to just sit at home and wallow in self pity over the state of your bank balance, then listen up! We know that having fun in London doesn’t often come cheap, but we’ve got some ideas for you that will impress your mates (or your dates) and not push your account into sub-zero figures.

1. Lunch and Beer at Vista Sky Bar

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We all know the struggle of trying to impress a date when you don’t have the money to go anywhere flash. Well, we know just the thing for all you thrifty Tinderers. Vista Sky Bar has the wow-factor without the woaaaah price (if you book through Fever anyway). Set above Trafalgar Square, with views of Nelson’s Column and The London Eye, you can chomp on a sausage and sip on a beer and feel ultra classy. Not a sentence you hear very often….

The Trafalgar, 2 Spring Gardens, SW1A 2TS


2. Amor Boat and Egg After Party

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Start your night floating along the Thames and dancing to DJs, and finish your night not floating along the Thames and dancing to DJs. Have we sold it to you yet? The after party at Egg is expected to be a musical marvel, and will include a live performance from BlackDivision (made up of Neapolitan kings Luigi Madonna and Roberto Capuano). If you’re into techno, it’ll be right up your street. Get 25% off when you book on Fever.

Westminster Pier, Victoria Embankment, SW1A 2JH


3. Indonesia Day, Trafalgar Square

As much as we’d like to take a trip to real-life Indonesia this weekend, some things just aren’t possible for the penniless Londoner. It’s okay though, because Trafalgar Square is pretending to be Indonesia for the day. Albeit a pretty crap imitation as they’ll be no white sandy beaches, but it’s the best we’ve got. There does promise to be incredible food and some traditional Indonesian folk dancing, though…

Trafalgar Square, Westminster, WC2N 5DN


4. 3-Course Dinner and Wine at The Hilton

4-star dining and wining without the lavish bill at the end: the Cinnamon Restaurant offers a variety of first-class dishes, from pumpkin ravioli and sirloin steak to smoked paprika squid and duck rillette (whatever that is… pâté or something?). If you book with Fever, you can get 3 courses each and a bottle of wine for £33. That’s cheaper than Pizza Express, boys and girls…

Canary Wharf, Marsh Wall, South Quay, E14 9SH


5. Socialise at DSTRKT

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DSTRKT is an upmarket Spanish restaurant that is known for its traditional cuisine and elegant club nights, and they’re hosting a socialising event for London-based professionals. You’ll get entry to the post-mingling club night, plus a free drink if you arrive between 7.30pm and 8.30pm. Just a heads up: there’s a strict dress code which insists that you dress to impress. Oh and if you book through Fever you’ll get 25% off…

9 Rupert St, W1D 6DG


6. History of Hip-Hop Riverside Terrace Party

[Southbank Centre]
If you’re feeling extra thrifty, you might like the sound of this free hip-hop party at the Southbank Centre. It will take place on the terrace overlooking the Thames so you can admire the view while you dance the day away to one of the most influential musical genres of all time. From funk and soul to rap and trap, the DJs have five and a half hours worth of Hip-Hop lined up for you. So hop on down…

Southbank Centre, SE1 8XX


7. Medieval Banquet at The Ivory Vaults

[Medieval Banquet]
Throw it back to the Middle Ages and pay homage to the Guild of the Knights of Portsoken who battled for the honour and entertainment of the king. You can expect two hours of impressive entertainment (including fighting knights, aerial acrobatics, jugglers and contortionists), a huge banquet and unlimited wine. So do as they did 1000 years ago and fill your faces! Book for only £37.50 here.

The Ivory Vaults, St Katharine Docks, E1W 1BP

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