Get Your Hands On Free Plants With The RHS’ Big Plant Giveaway

Free plant

Free flora alert!

Millennials and house plants, much like Pimms and summer, are a match made in heaven. But lest we be accused of wasting money on plants instead of saving for a house, you’d better head down to Morden Hall Park next weekend for a free plant giveaway. And this isn’t a clear-out-your-house, dump those wilting cacti on gullible fools kind of giveaway, either. These plants all featured in the Royal Horticultural Society’s Hampton Court Flower Show, which means they’re the prettiest posies in all the land.

Free plant
Photo: @cultivatedbychristin

Show-quality plants, without spending a penny? For free freesias and gratis geraniums, all it takes is a jaunt to the end of the Northern line. If you visit Modern Hall Park’s picnic area between 11am and 4pm on July 28th & 29th, you can adopt a new floral friend. There’s only one thing you need to do to get your green fingers on them: draw ’em a sketch of where you’re intending to put the plant. Whilst this may have been designed as a minor obstacle, it frankly just seems like part of the fun to us. Free flowers are only a sketch away!

We know you love free stuff, so here are 150 more free things to do in London.

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