This Cracking London Theatre Hosts Free Festivals For Under 25s

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Almeida For Free

Immersive yourself in the theatre at Almeida For Free.

You’d think that being one of the most iconic theatres in London would be enough to secure the Almeida a place in the god tier of theatres, right? Well this is not a theatre that rests on its laurels, because to make it that little extra bit more awesome, the Almeida Theatre host a regular festival that we think you’re going to like: Almeida For Free.

Almeida For Free

Yup, we know you like free stuff, and Almeida For Free does pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Each time the festival appears (to date, they’ve hosted four such celebrations), one of the Almeida’s show-stopping productions lies at the heart of it. For instance, the tradition kicked off with their Andrew Scott-led production of Hamlet in 2017, and continued most recently with a one-day celebration that revolved around their revival of Three Sisters.

Almeida For Free

This is all well and good, but what about the free stuff, I hear you cry? Well first up, you’ll be able to catch these shows for free, as part of the Almeida’s commitment to make theatre accessible to all. But more than that, Almeida For Free is a chance to delve deeper into stagecraft and drama – the theatre runs workshops, activities, and debates throughout the duration of the festival.

Almeida For Free

It takes over the entire theatre, and covers everything from writing to acting, and set design to theatre-making. For a deeper look inside the world of London theatre, it’s pretty damn near unbeatable, making it a perfect event for budding actors, directors, stage managers, et al.

The only catch is that you’ll need to be 25 or under to take part in Almeida For Free. If you do, happily, fall into this bracket, you’re in for an absolute treat, without paying a penny. The next Almeida For Free hasn’t been announced quite yet, but you can be amongst the first to know by registering for an account here and opting into the 16-25 emails. When a literally priceless event like this comes along, can you really afford to miss it?

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