This Is (Possibly) The Most Efficient Sightseeing Tour Of London

Sightseeing London Walking Route

Want to do all the London sightseeing, very quickly? Then here’s the route map for you.

Redditor magulagie has created the ultimate sightseeing walk for tourists in a hurry. Just a shade over five miles long on the map, it takes in a ton of London’s most iconic features, and if you avoid going inside any of the places you pass, it’ll only take about two hours! Perfect for ticking a lot of tourist-y boxes, filling up that Instagram story, or just getting your bearings on foot at the beginning of a trip.

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You’ll start off at Trafalgar Square…

London Sightseeing Trafalgar Square
Photo: @mikewenjinsoo

Take a stroll along the Mall…

The Mall, London
Photo: @garytnk

Until you arrive at Buckingham Palace.

London Sightseeing Buckingham Palace
Wave hello to the Queen. Photo: @j_w_ellis

Then head along Birdcage Walk.

Sights to see in London - Birdcage Walk
Watch out for these guys. Photo: @mickygee_london

Until you get to Westminster Abbey.

Westminster Abbey London Sightseeing
Photo: @sugarandsoulco

The Houses of Parliament, and Big Ben, are right next door.

London Sightseeing Big Ben Houses of Parliament
Photo: Jurica Koletić

Then head over Westminster Bridge…

Westminster Bridge

And you’ll get to the South Bank. Along here you’ll see the London Eye:

Sightseeing London Eye Wheel

The Southbank Centre:

Southbank Centre
Photo: @peacock_j

And book stalls under Waterloo Bridge.

Waterloo Bridge Book Stalls
Photo: Clem Onojeghuo

You’ll go past the scrap of sand we call the foreshore (and maybe even some sand sculptures!) and the OXO Tower.

River Thames Bankside Foreshore
Photo: @schledty

Before too long you’ll arrive at the Tate Modern.

Tate Modern

The world’s most popular art gallery, don’tcha know? Are you going to go in? NO THERE IS NO TIME.

Carry on along the river a little bit and you’ll see Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre.

Shakespeare's Globe
Photo: @shoshincrcoil

And this is embarrassing but (for the only time on this walk) you’ll have to double back on yourself very slightly.

Then it’s over Millennium Bridge:

Millennium Bridge

Until, you reach St. Paul’s Cathedral!

Sightseeing St. Paul's Cathedral
Photo: @rugger

I hear it’s beautiful inside, but you’re not allowed to take photos anyway so quite frankly who’s got the time?

Time to walk along Cannon Street…

Cannon Street, London
Photo: @always_tim77

This bit’s a bit boring, to be honest.

…until you get to The Monument!

Sightseeing The Monument, London
Photo: @aninhafonsecaa

Here’s what it looks like from the top.

View from The Monument London
Photo: @hideggabor96

A bit like a very tiny prison courtyard with a memorable view?

Now just roll down Lower Thames Street and you’ll soon get to the Tower of London!

Tower of London Sightseeing

You could go in, meet the ravens, ogle a Beefeater, check out the Crown Jewels. Or say ‘nahhhhhhhhhhh y’alright’ and carry on.

Tower Bridge is like right next door. Get a load of that.

Sightseeing London Tower Bridge
Photo: @time_0711

Then just a couple of minutes away you’ll reach the pretty marina at St. Katherine’s Docks:

St. Katherines Dock
Photo: @argen

Until – hurrah! – you finally arrive at a flower-festooned pub.

The Dickens Inn, London
Photo: @tommydipps

Well played, my tourist friend. Well played.

See the full map here.

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