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House of Hackney

House of Hackney has got prints fit for a prince.

Looking for a way to brighten up your living room? Well look no further, because a visit to the House of Hackney will sort you right out. They’ve dreamt up the most extra patterns you ever did see, and everything here is a riot of colour and creativity.

House of Hackney
Photo: @jermsy_

Chief amongst House of Hackney’s offerings is their huge collection of fabulous wallpaper.

House of Hackney
Photo: @houseofhackney

House of Hackney are BIG on printed patterns. Seriously, they cover almost every inch of the store.

House of Hackney
Photo: @houseofhackney

Been meaning to jazz up that bare lightbulb of yours? House of Hackney has you covered with their range of lampshades.

House of Hackney
Photo: @sara_mccallum

Meanwhile, these pineapple lamps are to die for and will only cost you £495. You didn’t need to eat for the next three months, did you? You’ll also find a colourful array of cheetahs, parakeets, and flamingos to solve your lighting dilemmas.

House of Hackney
Photo: @mattelinid

Pretty much everything you’d need to decorate your pad can be found here. From cushions to sofas, via tea sets and bookends, everything House of Hackney sells is effortlessly stylish and wildly extravagant.

House of Hackney
Photo: @nabiawada

House of Hackney sell perfectly patterned fabric, too. They’ll even sell you clothes – wonderful for making a bold fashion statement. They’re equally great for blending into the wallpaper to escape unwanted guests.

House of Hackney
Photo: @jessburvill

For those who lack the funds to redecorate, House of Hackney is, as you’ve probably guessed, a drop dead gorgeous place for a wander.

House of Hackney
Photo: @stuffbyrenee

Oh screw it, shall we just live here?

House of Hackney
Photo: @zahara_de

Location: 131 Shoreditch High Street, E1 6JE. Nearest station is Shoreditch High Street. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 10am-7pm (Monday to Saturday), 11am-5pm (Sunday).
Entry: free to look around, which is good because this place is pricey. Wallpaper starts at £165 per roll, and lampshades begin at £130.
More information: visit their website.

Featured image: @bunnysmeesh

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