London’s Overnight Art Festival Returns This Weekend

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Art night

We’re up all night to get arty.

It isn’t really a festival unless you stay up until dawn, is it? By that logic, Art Night will be one hell of a festival, because it doesn’t finish until 6am. You won’t be raving, but you will be getting a healthy dose of contemporary culture. And really, isn’t that just better than sleep?

Art Night takes place on Saturday, July 7th, beginning at 6pm in the evening, and ending after dawn on Sunday morning. Happily, it’s also free to attend! During the twilight hours, the Hayward Gallery and Art Night Open will display a series of installations, exhibits and performances and along the riverside, from the South Bank to Nine Elms.

Art Night Map
The Art Night area. Map via Artnight.

More than 60 artists are featured in this one-night stand of a festival, and we’ve picked out some of the highlights…

Lara Favaretto, ‘The poor are mad’

Art night
Photo: @artnightldn

Amongst the stranger sights you’ll see this summer, Lara Favaretto’s colourful caravan is suspended 30 metres above the ground, and plays polka songs during its flight. A striking sight, and one which conveys the creativity of communities.

The caravan will float above Nine Elms Lane – see it on the map.

Miao Ying, ‘Happily Contained’

Art night

Internet culture gets put under the microscope in this installation, which is a blend of virtual reality and video. Miao Ying invites you to discover utopia through consumerism – anyone want to put money on whether you’ll find it or not?

You’ll find this one in Vauxhall’s Embassy Gardens – see it on the map.

Marianne Jõgi and Ülo Krigul, ‘Interaural Contour I’

Art night

Part architecture project, part music installation, this sleek-looking structure is billed as a place to support relaxation, wellbeing, and learning. It’ll either bring you relaxation through sound, or simply amplify the noise of central London on a Saturday night…

This one can be found in the heart of Battersea Park – see it on the map.

Yuan Goang-Ming, ‘Dwelling’

Art night

It’s a simple, comfortable living room. And then it explodes. Yuan Goang-Ming’s video installation shows the fragility of home, as it explodes and then reconstructs itself, over and over again – all underwater, making this a surreal dream you won’t forget in a hurry.

The Hayward Gallery is the home for this piece – see it on the map.

Bosco Sodi, ‘Muro’

Art night
Photo: @studioboscosodi

The Mexican artist is doing something that’s rather in vogue: he’s going to build a wall. In front of the National Theatre, no less. Once he’s stacked the 1600 bricks (made by Mexican craftsmen) into a wall, Sodi will dismantle it and hand out the bricks to passers-by. Can’t think where he might have got the idea for this one…

Find Muro at the National Theatre – see it on the map.

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Featured image: @artnightldn