22 Awesome Art Exhibitions Still To See In London In 2018

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Art Exhibitions London

These are the biggest art exhibitions in London in 2018.

Below, we’ve rounded up all the current and upcoming art exhibitions from London’s major galleries and brilliant museums, from Tate Britain and Tate Modern to Somerset House, the V&A and the National Gallery.

Art exhibitions you can visit today come first; keep scrolling for those opening later in 2018. (Prices quoted are generally for adults in advance, walk-up tickets will be a few pounds more, while students and other concessionary fares may be less. Notably, under-25s can visit all Tate exhibitions for £5 when they join the free ‘Collective.’)

Art exhibitions open now

1. Victoria Miro Mayfair: Conrad Shawcross (until Oct 27)

Conrad Shawcross Exhibition London

Abstract works based around non-tesselating tetrahedrons, including two new mechanical thingamabobs and some photographic prints created by FIRING LASERS through FAULTS in GLASS which sounds pretty bad-ass to us. Find out more.

2. V&A Museum: Frida Kahlo (until Nov 4)

Frida Kahlo V and A museum London
Frida Kahlo with Olmec figurine, 1939. © Nickolas Muray Photo Archives

A major exhibition dedicated to the iconic Mexcian artist, featuring her personal artefacts and clothing. £15. More info.

3. V&A Museum: The Future Starts Here (until Nov 4)

V and A Future Starts Here Exhibition
Photo: iamvanessahale

A collection of over 100 objects that hint at the future of design – and the impacts technology may have on our society. From robot sailing ships to crowdfunded satellites, the future happens here. £16. More info.

🖼 Forge your own at… Paint the Classics 🖼

Van Gogh Art Exhibitions London

Have you got what it takes to be a Master? The fabulous folks at this London pub hold two art classes a week, giving you the chance to create your own version of a famous painting. Each week, an expert will be on hand to give you the tips you need to knock out a Faux Van Gogh to call your own! Book tickets here.

4. Museum of London: London Nights (until Nov 11)

Exhibitions in London photo

The Museum of London has curated over 200 photographs depicting the streets of London after dark, from the late 1800s right up to today. Night time is the right time. From £10More info.

5. V&A Jameel Prize (until Nov 25)

Jameel Prize

This biannual prize is awarded to contemporary artists inspired by Islamic tradition. The exhibition will bring together works from eight shortlisted artists from around the world. Free! More info.

6. Royal Academy: Oceania (until Dec 10)

Royal Academy Exhibition
Photo: National Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

Oceania curates over 200 historic artworks from the island civilisations of the Pacific, from the Hawaiian islands to Tahiti and Micronesia. Expect ‘shell, greenstone and ceramic ornaments, to huge canoes and stunning god images’ from the past 500 years. More info here.

7. Victoria Miro Gallery, Yayoi Kusama (until Dec 21)

Yayoi Kusama
Photo: @

Kusama – ’tis she of the illuminated pumpkins and gorgeous mirrored infinity rooms – is set to captivate Londoners (and their Instagram feeds) all over again, at this unmissable new exhibition. More info.

8. Saatchi Gallery: Black Mirror – Art As Social Satire (until Jan 27, 2019)

Black Mirror Exhibition London
Alejandra Prieto, ‘Coal Mirror’.

There’s no official connection with Charlie Brooker’s dystopian Netflix anthology; but nonetheless this exhibition riffs off similar themes of alienation, political discontent and 21st-century angst via satirical works from 25 contemporary artists. More information here.

9. National Gallery: Mantegna and Bellini (until Jan 27, 2019)

National Gallery 2018 Exhibition

‘Mantegna and Bellini’ compares the work of two Italian artists from the 15th-century Renaissance, who also happened to be related by marriage. £TBC. More info.

10. Tate Britain: Art Now – Jesse Darling: The Ballad of Saint Jerome (until Feb 24, 2019)

Jesse Darling The Lion

This newly produced work from Jesse Darling revisits the legend of St Jerome and the Lion, invoking an ambivalent love story charged with new meanings. Free. Find out more.

11. Tate Modern: Tania Bruguera: 10,143,898 (until Mar 30, 2019)

Tate Modern Turbine Hall iphone wallpaper
[Download full-size wallpaper]
The swings are gone, and the Tate Modern’s cathedral-like Turbine Hall stands empty – for now. This October, artist Tania Bruguera will install the next in the Hyundai series of creative works. Her plans currently remain a mystery. Free! More info.

12. Barbican: Modern Couples (until Mar 30, 2019)

Modern Couples Barbican

You and your boo might consider a Sunday Netflix marathon time well-spent, but these artistic couples are distinguished by their creative synergy and acclaimed joint output. In the process, they ‘they forged new kinds of art and ways of living, while challenging gender stereotypes’, which is something else you probably haven’t got around to yet. £16. More info.

13. Tate Britain: Turner Prize (until Jan 6, 2019)

Turner Prize 2018 Exhibition

Four artists, shortlisted for this year’s Turner Prize, will exhibit their work at the Tate Britain. £12.50. More info.

14. Whitechapel Gallery: Surreal Science – Loudon Collection with Salvatore Arancio (until Jan 6, 2019)

Whitechapel Gallery Exhibition Surreal Science

This free exhibition in east London pairs scientific curios amassed by the Dutch collector George Ludon with colourful, plant-like ceramic pieces from contemporary artist Salvatore Arancio. Find out more.

15. Hayward Gallery: Space Shifters (until Jan 9, 2019)

Art Exhibition at Hayward Gallery

Shift your perceptions at this new exhibition at the Hayward Gallery. A collection of 20 minimal artworks use reflective and translucent materials to distort and disturb the brutalist space – a clever-clever house of mirrors for cultured types. Find out more.

16. Museum of London: Votes for Women (until Jan 6, 2019)

Votes for Women exhibition

A display curates items from the Museum of London’s suffragette archibve, commemorating 100 years since women won their fight for the right to vote. Free. More info.

17. British Museum: I object (until Jan 20, 2019)

British museum exhibition

Ian Hislop has curated this exhibition of historical artifacts that each, in their own way, protest, dissent, and stick a middle finger up at the prevailing norms of the day. Ancient graffiti, satirical posters and suffragette coins are among the items on display. Find out more.

18. V&A Museum: Fashioned from Nature (until Jan 19, 2019)

Fashion exhibitions London

The V&A investigates sustainability and fashion in this new exhibition, which pairs garments with specimens from the natural world. Groovy. £12. More info.

19. Tate Modern: Christian Marclay – The  Clock (until Jan 20, 2019)

Tate Modern Clock Art

This acclaimed installation splices together film clips from thousands of films, each of which happen to depict the time on screen, then cuts them together so they tell the real time. It’ll be installed in the public galleries, so it is, blessedly… Free! More info.

20. Dulwich Picture Gallery: Ribera – Art of Violence (until Jan 27, 2019)

London art gallery exhibitions Ribera

Suffering! That’s the theme behind these 45 paintings from the Spanish Baroque composer, and also the theme behind life, let’s face it. £TBC. More info.

21. V&A Museum: Videogames – Design/Play/Disrupt (until Feb 24, 2019)

Exhibitions in London Victoria Albert

Taking a look behind the scenes of video games from the past ten years, the V&A will be exhibiting concept art, early sketches, prototypes and other artefacts from the development of the games we’re all addicted to. £18. More info.

Art exhibitions in London opening later in 2018

22. Tate Britain: Edward Burne-Jones (Oct 25 – Feb 24, 2019)

Exhibitions art gallery tate britain
Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jones Love among the Ruins 1870-1873 Private Collection

150 works from ‘pioneer of the Symbolist movement Burne-Jones’, including painting, stained glass and tapestry. £19.50. More info.

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