This Hidden London Market Is A Foodie’s Paradise • Maltby Street Market

Maltby Street Market

At Maltby Street Market, you’ll arrive with an empty stomach and full wallet, and leave quite the opposite.

I don’t know about you, but I’m exactly the kind of person who’s liable to bankrupt themselves at a food market. Such is the burden of being a food-obsessed Londoner, I’m afraid. And if you’re anything like me, you’re going to find Maltby Street Market a particularly enticing prospect, as this hideaway market is chock full of delicious discoveries.

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Maltby Street Market
Photo: @itsraininggrey

Of course, you’ll need to do a bit of sleuthing to find it first. Since opening in 2010, Maltby Street Market has been hidden away in a tangle of streets between London Bridge and Bermondsey stations, and sheltered next to the mainline railway to London Bridge, so it doesn’t exactly shout about its existence. But once you’ve found it, there’s no shortage of mouthwatering discoveries lurking in the stalls and railway arches.

Maltby Street Market
Photo: @italian_eye_

The market is centred on a central alley known as the Ropewalk, and I defy anyone to walk down it without their stomach rumbling. It’s sort of a foodie gauntlet, in which temptation lies on either side just waiting to ensnare you. On one side, you’ve got smashing tapas spot Bar Tozino, perfect patisserie from Comptoir Gourmand, and The Snapery‘s legendary cinnamon buns set up in the railway arches.

Maltby Street Market
Photo: @bartozino

On the other side of the Ropewalk, temptation comes in the form of a parade of street food stalls, including juicy Japanese cuisine from Gyoza Guys, smashing steak from The Beefsteaks, and fab fromage from cult faves The Cheese Truck.

Maltby Street Market
The Beefsteaks, snapped by @thesaffronsisters

Once you’ve waddled all that off, you can sip on gin from Little Bird, grab a pick-me-up from Craft Coffee, and indulge your sweet tooth at Waffle On or one of Bad Brownie‘s many London outposts. Wait, you thought I was done talking about food? Oh, my sweet summer child, you were wrong.

Maltby Street Market
Photo: @italian_eye_

Anyway, other non-foodie curiosities can also be found, chiefly in the form of LASSCO – alternatively known as The London Architectural Salvage and Supply Co. It’s essentially an interior designer’s dream, filled with antiques and curiosities of all shapes and sizes, and it’s all for sale if you’ve got the cash. They also do the decor for Little Bird and Bar Tozino, so you’ll be shopping without even knowing it…

Maltby Street Market
Photo: @rhymeswithcoffee

As you can probably tell, I’m quite a big fan of Maltby Street Market – and even better news awaits. On Saturday, May 18th (i.e. this Saturday), the market will unveil a long-planned expansion up neighbouring Tanner Street. Doubling in size means the addition of even more producers and food trucks, along with a fleet of boutique craft stalls. Additionally, they’re planning a big seating area and a community bike repair shop, which sounds Proper Lovely. Guess there’s never been a better time to check it out, eh?

Location: Maltby Street, Bermondsey, SE1 3PA
Opening hours: 10am-5pm (Saturday), 11am-4pm (Sunday), closed weekdays.
Entry: free! (See more free things to do in London).
More info: on their website.

Featured image: @greatbritishfood

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