Get Back To Nature In Paddington’s Fabulous Floating Park

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Floating Pocket Park

The Floating Pocket Park is the perfect spot for your lunchtime Pret.

In the battle for London’s favourite park, there’s some stiff competition. Do you go with the classic Hyde Park? East London favourite Victoria Park? A left-field choice with Walthamstow Wetlands? Whilst all of these places are admittedly lovely, none of them offer the unique gimmick of the Floating Pocket Park in Paddington. (See more free things to do in London.)

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @travellousworld

The Floating Pocket Park is rather aptly named. First off, it is indeed a park. Second, it’s cute and pocket-sized. And thirdly, this buoyant little beauty bobs up and down on the waters of the Paddington Basin (admittedly, it would be fairly disastrous if it didn’t float). All in all, a pretty perfect for a summer’s day. (Related: beautiful canalside pubs and restaurants in London.)

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @heatherations

Although having said that, it’s rather magical at night too.

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @_freestone

Opened in spring 2017, the park features open lawns and flowerbeds which attract birds and bees aplenty. You’ll also find fabulously floral centrepieces, meandering walkways, and covered areas perfect for events. Most importantly, there are plenty of places to sit and munch down your lunch. Steal a spot with a view of the Fan Bridge, a folding bridge designed to resemble a traditional Japanese fan, and you might be lucky enough to see it rise and fall.

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @keisi61

Floating Pocket Park rests on a series of pontoons, all of which were constructed from recycled materials, making it green in every sense of the word. For those who fear that all this greenery and fresh air will be too overwhelming, the park also includes free Wifi. Wouldn’t want you to get too lost in nature, would we?

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @osullivanproperty

The park has also played a part in Paddington’s increasing coolness. In summer, you can watch film screenings and musical performances. Not long after opening, it played host to London’s first floating gin bar, which did nothing to hurt our opinion of the place. GoBoat launch their hireable electric boats from here too, so hop aboard if you fancied continuing your aqua-based adventure.

Floating Pocket Park
Photo: @fedeuk

Or, if boats and gin bars aren’t feasible in your Wednesday lunch hour, it’s just a nice little spot to while away time with a sandwich.

Location: Find the Floating Pocket Park in the Paddington Basin, next to Merchant Square, W2 1JX. Nearest station is Edgware Road. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: The park is open 24/7, all year round.
Entry: Free.
More information: Can be found on the Merchant Square website.

Featured image: @ribbyroo

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