Here Are The Secret Street Pianos You Never Knew Existed In London

Abbie Moujaes Abbie Moujaes

Here Are The Secret Street Pianos You Never Knew Existed In London

With everyone talking about the Clapham Junction pianist hero who calmed commuters during the Tube strike earlier this week, we thought we’d go searching for more.

There are few things in London for free, but we have found 6. These lesser known street pianos bring music and magic to everyone’s lives and we urge you to play them.


In 2012, Play Me, I’m Yours  was brought to London by UK artist Luke Jerram. An international work, more than 1,500 street pianos have been installed in over 50 cities across the globe from New York to Florence, completely free for public use.

Sadly, there are just 5 of the original 50 golden street pianos spread around London. Plus the fairly new addition at Clapham Junction Station last September that recently found fame during the strike.

If you’d like to answer the simple invitation to Play me, I’m Yours, if you haven’t found the space for a Baby Grand in your one-bed or if your fingers are aching to joltingly remember Bach’s ‘Minuet in G’, then read on.


1. Herne Hill 

This beautiful piano is surrounded by exposed brick in the underpass next to Herne Hill Railway Station just off Railton Road.

The bright colours are perfect for an Insta snap and the constantly changing piano stools due to mysterious disappearances give added variety to each rhapsody.


2. St Pancras International Station

The ultimate venue for an international audience.

There are two left, one near the Eurostar arrivals gate and the other in the main shopping arcade, so you can choose before you Chopin. Look how happy the piano makes Jools!


3. Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf also features a couple of claviers, but with slightly more fantastical designs. There’s one at Crossrail Place: West End Lobby, 1st Floor that resembles a London bus.

As well as Jubilee Place: Heron Quay Link which comes with some rather unusual additions on its lid.


4. Clapham Junction Station

Finally, the upcycled piano-of-the-moment at Clapham Junction as part of Instrument of Change.

Customer services have found a talent…

Go forth and find them, because every day that goes by without a street piano played, a fairy dies.

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