21 Of The Best Places In And Around London To Gaze At Some Gorgeous Bluebells

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These bluebells won’t have you feelin’ blue…

Springtime is fully upon us, with bluebell season alive and kicking. If you’re not treating yourself to at least one woodland walk among the fields of bluebells during mid-April and early-May, then you aren’t doing it right, my friend.

With some prolonged sunshine coinciding with the last few weeks of April, there’s really no better time to get out into nature and waltz among the woods, absorbing the groundswell of blue, blue, blue. To get you started, here are a few of the best spots to gaze at the carpets of bluebells in and around London. But, remember not to pick any of the lilac beauties. They are a protected species in the UK, after all. Happy wandering-among-the-bluebells season, Londoners! [Featured Image: Lois GoBe].

🎡 I’m blue da ba dee da ba di 🎡

1. Wanstead Park

So you’re telling us there’s a vast, magical display of bluebells–looking that jaw-dropping– which can be reached easily by tube? Well, blue better start believing it. Wanstead Park can be found by heading to Redbridge in zone 4 – which is just 23 minutes away from Liverpool Street. Out with the after work pint, and in with the impromptu trip to a dazzling forest after you call it a day at your desk.

πŸ“ Nearest stations are Redbridge and Wanstead, not Wanstead Park.Β 

2. Eltham Park North

Eltham Park North is a beautiful green space in Greenwich, which gives way to Shepherdsleas Wood. Here, if you go at the right time, you’ll find swathes of the beautiful blue drops across the woodland areas. Plus, with a lovely lake to rest by, the park is a perfect spot for a day out among nature.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Falconwood.

3. Epping Forest

Bluebell season is in full swing at Epping Forest, a popular spot for Londoners to feel-like-they’re-not-in-London-when-they-still-are. Right out at the far depths of the central line, Epping Forest is the perfect place for a wander among the trees, with the ground almost painted blue in much of the beloved forests’ space.

πŸ“ Nearest stations are Epping and Woodford.

4. Richmond Park

Everyone knows that Richmond Park isΒ theΒ London Park for all things walking, cycling, playing with the deer and generally just taking in the rays of the city’s sun (on occasion). But, not everybody knows that it also boasts a fabulous array of bluebells at the right time. Over in the Isabella Plantation, you’ll catch the colour of Spring brushed across the woodland area of the botanical plantation.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Richmond.

5. Ashridge Forest

The bluebells have started to sprout in Ashridge forest–before you know it they’ll sweep across the ground below the trees like a vibrant carpet. This spot requires a trip just out of London by car, but if you can make it out there, it’s well worth it for the remarkable display of nature at this National Trust site.

πŸ“Β  Moneybury Hill, Ringshall, Berkhamsted HP4 1LT. View on Google Maps.

6. Oxleas Wood

A gorgeous spot to feast your eyes on the big blue army of plants. Conveniently, it’s just by the aforementioned Eltham Park North, so if you’reΒ really in the mood for bluebells, you can combine the two for a formidable few hours of blue zen.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Falconwood

7. Osterley Park

Image: National Trust

Sat among Osterley Park’s historic estate are sections of winding bluebell trails which are bound to fascinate even the most casual woodland walkers. Scuttle into the Great Meadow to be bowled over by dazzling blue beams.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Osterley.

8. Gutteridge Wood

Gutteridge Wood is home to the bells that will take your blues away, simply leaving you in awe at their wistful beauty. Head along their trail and just try not to be taken over by their sheer enchantment. Nope. Impossible. Can’t do it.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Hillingdon Underground.

9. Beckenham Place Park

The bluebells are out and looking lovely already over in Beckenham Place Park. Just look at that picture. WhoΒ wouldn’tΒ want to just collapse among this setting and listen to the woodland sounds all day?

πŸ“ Nearest station is Beckenham Hill or Ravensbourne.

10. Highgate Wood

Highgate Wood is a go-to spot for many a Londoner to take their annual gaze-at-the-bluebells trip. And, who could blame them, really? There’s fine masses of bluebells covering the ancient woodland that could deliver tranquillity during a furious cyclone.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Highgate.

11. Hilly Fields

The woodlands over at Hilly Fields in Lewisham is a prime spot for London bluebells if you head there at the right time. While they might not be as vast as some of the other locations here, they’re still sure to put a smile on your face as you spot them by a tree on your daily walk.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Ladywell.

12. Kew Gardens

Because what is a world-famous botanical gardens without a stunning array of bluebells for visitors to gawk at? Kew Gardens boasts a fine display of the lovely blues, so get down there to take them in while the season is right. Plus, the trusty bells sit in an area that dates all the way back to the eighteenth-century. To visit, you must book your spot beforehand due to Covid-19.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Richmond.

13. Coldfall Woods

An ancient piece of woodland found in Muswell Hill, Coldfall Woods spreads over 15 hectares – so there’s plenty of searching-for-bluebells scope. And it’s a guarantee you won’t be disappointed, as the striking plants are sure to be out in full force over the next few weeks.

πŸ“ Nearest station is East Finchley.

14. Hampstead Heath

As you might have gathered, Hampstead Heath is one of the prime spots for Londoners to have a good ol’ sit, accompanied best mates and a can or four. It’s what many of us do best, okay? And we’ve only just been granted the pleasure of it once more by the Covid guidelines. But, if you venture into the woodland areas of the famous spot, you’ll also find a pretty damn fine display of bluebells. Is there anything HH can’t give us?

πŸ“ Nearest station is Gospel Oak.

15. Horsenden Hill

Horsenden Hill is covered in oak-filled woodlands, which is prime grounding for a Spring walk among the bluebells. Plus, along the way you might just encounter the Gruffalo trail to cast you back to your childhood reading about the fantastical creature.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Perivale.

16. Grangewood Park

This extensive area of woodland sits in South Norwood and is ideal for a wander during the Spring season to take in the sea of blue.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Thornton Heath.

17. Tower Hamlets Cemetery Park

You know Springtime is in full flow when the clusters of bluebells start popping up in Tower Hamlet’s Cemetery Park. This nature reserve and historic cemetery park is a breeding ground for the blue mobs and it’s one of London’s finest spots to gallivant among them.

πŸ“ Nearest station is Bow Church DLR.

18. Old Park Wood Nature Reserve

Old Park Wood is a little way out of the city, but if you can make it, you’ll be blown away by the captivating sheathes of warming blue plants. Part of the National Trust, this nature reserve will have you feeling like you’re in the depths of a fairy tale the second you walk in and are grabbed by their enchanting glow.

πŸ“ Middlesex, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6UX.

19. Emmetts Garden

Though this spot may technically be in Kent, there’s no doubt that it should be an essential location for a daytrip at this time of year. As you meander through the historic Edwardian estate, you’ll be dumbstruck by the waves and waves and waves of blue, covering the land like an ocean; gifting you the unrivalled site of Spring.

πŸ“ Ide Hill, Sevenoaks TN14 6BA.

20. Penn Wood

Penn Street is a quaint, unassuming Buckinghamshire village area with a pair of pubs offering a mean Sunday Roast. Venture across the square, into the Penn Wood and you’ll find the bluebell wonderland that awaits you through the Spring. If you’re venturing here from the city, it’s likely you’ll need to drive. But, as short daytrips outside busy London go, there aren’t many better for bluebell hunting.

πŸ“ Penn Street, Amersham.

21. Pear Wood Nature Reserve

Image: Lois GoBe, Shutterstock

Another awe-inspiring nature reserve boasting a mean collection of bluebells. Pear Wood sits by Stanmore County Park and, after a walk by the lake on a sunny day, who wouldn’t want some respite in the shade, coloured in by the multiple layers of blue?

πŸ“ Nearest station is Stanmore.

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