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Petersham Nurseries

The beautiful Petersham Nurseries is a dream for plant fiends and foodies alike.

If you’ve never ventured this far south, take it from us: Richmond is a lovely little slice of London. Aside from boasting a lovely park, a host of deer, and one of the prettiest cafes in the capital, Richmond is also home to the charming Petersham Nurseries. Part garden centre, part foodie haven, this is one of those places that simply needs to be on any aesthetic-obsessed Londoner’s bucket list. [Featured image: @petershamnurseries]

First things first though: Petersham Nurseries is a place for nature lovers. Their greenhouses are filled with fabulous foxgloves, heavenly hydrangeas, and a cornucopia of cacti, along with tools and bespoke gardening equipment. Anyone looking to jazz up their green spaces should make a beeline for this place. It’s particularly lovely on a perfect summer’s day, when the sun-drenched greenhouse becomes on of the prettiest spots in London.

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If you can tear your eyes away from the plants, however, then Petersham Nurseries can refurbish much more than just your garden. They’ve got an entire glasshouse dedicated to bespoke and utterly charming homeware, with everything from stylish clocks to nifty tableware on display. It’s no exaggeration to say that I coveted all of it on my last visit to Petersham Nurseries, and I suspect you’re likely to feel the same way…

Oh, but Petersham Nurseries has so much more to offer you besides. They also boast a rather picturesque pergola, which goes very nicely with a spot of of tea. The food is pretty excellent here, too, whether that’s cake in their charming Teahouse, or whether you’re sitting down for a meal at The Cafe. Both are reopening to the public on April 12, and there are few places we’d rather be for a lazy lunch.

The whole place is – dare we say – Instagram goals. And whilst we freely admit to saying that about a lot of places in London, it definitely rings true at Petersham Nurseries. It’s a lovely spot for a wander come rain or shine, but you certainly won’t regret a sunny day out here. Particularly if that day is your wedding day: Petersham Nurseries are licensed to host nuptials (pandemics permitting), so if you fancied saying “I do” beneath a canopy of plants, you can.

For anyone fretting that Richmond is a monstrous trek of a journey, a sister branch is closer to town. Handily located in Covent Garden, the branch features a homeware and lifestyle store – think ferns and chandeliers, and you won’t be far off – along with a florist, wine cellar, and two flagship restaurants, La Goccia and The Petersham. Tasty!

So, Petersham Nurseries has plants, food, and interior inspo – what’s not to love?

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