The Lovely London Beach You Can Get To On The Tube

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London Beach Ruislip Lido

Beach, please! Behold the golden sands of Ruislip Lido.

There are beaches near London, but then there are beaches IN London! Just the one of them, mind you…

Ruislip Lido photo
Photo: @mivdee

Ruislip Lido is a 60-acre lake sat on the edge of a lovely 726-acre nature reserve – that’s twice the size of Hyde Park, stats fans. Ruislip Woods National Nature Reserve is, as you might guess, mostly bucolic ancient woodland.

Ruislip Nature Reserve
Photo: @black_kite_

Head through the forest to reach the lake…

Ruislip Lido view
Photo: @nigdziebyc

And on the southern edge you’ll find a miraculous beach!

Ruislip Lido Palm Trees
Photo: @jamielangton

Dating back to the 1950s, this tropical spot has had it’s ups and downs over the years, lapsing into some heinous disrepair during the ’70s before returning to its current glory in the 2000s. Now it’s a popular spot for families, locals and anyone looking for a bit of faux-seaside fun.

Ruislip Lido

And that’s not all. As well as climbing frames, play areas and a little café for ice creams, there’s even a miniature train that’ll take you on a fun little trip around the lake. Transit goals!

Ruislip Lido Railway
Photo: Ruislip Lido Railway, Facebook

It’s an indisputably cute reason to push your Oyster Card to the limits and head out to Zone 6 – it’s an hour from central London, door-to-door, with a tube journey to Ruislip Station, and then a choice of two buses to take you the rest of the way.

There are just two things we ought to point out before you grab your bucket and spade: swimming and boating are not currently permitted at the lake (consider a trip to one of London’s outdoor pools if you want to splash around) and on a sunny bank holiday, let’s just say it gets a little bit busy…

Ruislip Lido Beach
Photo: @wisemanbrian


Location: Ruislip Lido, HA4 7TY. Nearest station is Ruislip on the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines; then catch a H13 bus. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: from 9am, seven days a week; closing times vary seasonally, but until 9pm in the summer months.
Entry: free! (See more free things to do in London.)
More information: on their website.

Guy Parsons

Guy Parsons

Guy is the editor-in-chief of Secret London. He likes running, cover versions and scotch.


  1. Please don’t advertise our local area like this – its bad enough with all the people decsending here on a hot summer’s day, just look at the last photo you placed. It is disgusting and people swimming in the lake when its forbidden.

    1. You will always get annoying people wherever you go but open spaces are to be enjoyed by all, not just those who live nearby. It is selfish to expect no-one but locals to enjoy this place.

    2. Are you sure you are not of of these ‘disgusting’ people in the photo. God made the world to share. Don’t be greedy.

  2. Anon – I presume you don’t go anywhere on holiday then ? Or make central London more busy. I presume you just stay in your local area ?

  3. ^You’re right! Only people in the know or local to nice things should get to do them like! How dare a website known for pointing out cool, interesting and exciting things within London point out there is a free beach within the city. All of the above was sarcasm.

    In addition, every single piece of content on this webite will be local to someone. If you’re that bothered by people USING a beach, perhaps you should make use of it and relax a bit.

  4. It’s not as clean as it’s in pics. They didn’t clean the water this summer and it’s not clean at all. It’s only good for walk. It’s a beach it’s a reservoir. Stop advertising it.

  5. Don’t go on the hotest days, it’s busy beyond belief and the water is ‘Red Flag’ status.It looks inviting but it’s not fit for swimming.

  6. Everybody has the right to use, if you dont like it then ask The Queen to give you the park as a gift!

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