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Isabella Plantation

Get thee to Richmond’s gorgeous Isabella Plantation right away, which is currently at peak pinkness.

You might know Richmond Park for its grassy expanses, woodland bits and wild deer. As one of London’s biggest and wildest parks, it’s a smashing spot for a sunny day out. But what you may not have noticed on previous visits is a secret garden in the heart of the park, known as the Isabella Plantation.

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Isabella Plantation
Photo: @laetiti2aa

Journey through the fields to discover a magical park-within-a-park – and right now, it’s pinker than the Plastics on a Wednesday. The azaleas are fleetingly in flower, so feast your eyes on this fabulous fuschia!

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Isabella Plantation
Photo: @richardmiers

It’s a favourite spot of Hedge Doggos…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @mishka_the_shiba

Popular with Fancy Ducks…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @letustravelll

And obviously, the spiritual home of Nature Ladies.

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @sarisa_p

At the Isabella Plantation, you’ll find Long Burblers…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @forageandfriends

But also Splashy Mirrors…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @danny_vivyan

Fairy Tunnels…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @samburgessuk

And also Baby Bluebies.

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @alice876

When the azaleas are in bloom, there’s no prettier place to be.

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @suzielund

(Especially when combined with a little wildlife-spotting)

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @beanie_birds

So grab a pink-lovin’ pal…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @mandsby

Fix yourself an Insta-perfect picnic…

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @meanderingmacaron

And get yourself lost!

Isabella Plantation
Photo: @cheekyleopard

Late April and early May are the best times for the psychedelic display of rhododendrons and azaleas, so don’t delay – but there’s plenty more floral action throughout the year for all you late bloomers.

Location: Richmond Park, Kingston-upon-Thames. It’s a 35-minute walk (mostly through the park) from Norbiton station. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: generally early morning ’til dusk, so 7:30am – 8:00pm during summer, we think. Keep an eye on Instagram to ensure peak pinkness.
Price: entirely free to visit!
More information: from their website.

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