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The year is Marching by, so don’t miss out on these great things to do in London in March 2021.

As signs of spring pop-up hither and thither and excitement grows for the easing of lockdown this month, there’s plenty of optimism in the air at last. Fingers crossed, it’ll be the last month we spend in the depths of a lockdown, so hunker down for four more weeks and dive into these brilliant things to do in March 2021. Here’s what’s on in London this month!.

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1. Head online for Women of the World UK Festival 2021 (March 1-21)

In normal years (I guess 2019 was the last one?), you’d find Women of the World Festival at Southbank Centre, its home since 2010. With that not possible this year, organisers are taking the festival online for an extended three-week gathering of influential female writers, thinkers, activists, and voices. Topics including mental health, sexuality, radical childcare, art, and #SayHerName will be explored across talks and interactive workshops, with big names including Arundhati Roy, Ruby Wax, Kimberlé Crenshaw, and Bryony Kimmings all set to feature. They’re also implementing a ‘pay what you can’ scheme for tickets this year, with £1 enough to get you a seat at the table. Find out more about the festival here.

2. Catch up with a pal in the park (March 8)

Lockdown rules
Photo: Shutterstock

Yep, you can stop pretending to exercise this month, as on March 8, easing lockdown restrictions will allow us to meet up with one person from outside our household in a social setting – for instance, sitting on a park bench or tucking into a picnic. This is also the day that weary parents can send their kids off to school once more, and care home residents can see their named visitor for the first time. An important milestone for many.

3. Pass judgement at this terrifying immersive theatre performance


Six disgraced celebrities enter the Redemption Room, seeking forgiveness from a studio audience (you) for their societal misdemeanours. But the Redemption Room possesses powers far beyond mere redemption, and with an evil entity on the loose, you’ll soon find that the road to redemption isn’t a straightforward one… Tickets can be found here.

4. Twist and shout about a fab disco bingo night (March 6, 13, 20, 27)

Disco Bingo

Putting a fun spin on the classic bingo game is Disco Bingo, where instead of waiting for numbers to be called out, you’re listening out for the pop songs to match those on your bingo card. It’s sure to get you up and dancing! Tickets are available here.

5-7. Celebrate amazing women on International Women’s Day (March 8)

Of course, International Women’s Day goes well beyond WOW Festival, and London is once again ready to celebrate the power and potential of women and girls everywhere. For instance, The Royal Opera house will host a talk entitled ‘Influence, challenge, and change: What is next for women in the creative industries?‘ at 7pm, with the likes of Arifa Akbar (The Guardian’s chief theatre critic) and Frances Morris, the Director of Tate Modern, contributing.

Meanwhile in Brixton, a group of female street artists under the guise of the WOM Collective will be unveiling a live mural painting on March 6, with more to follow until April 12. Finally, the Old Vic have commissioned two original works to drop on YouTube at 10am on March 8; Kiri Pritchard-McLean’s Putting A Face On stars Susan Wokoma and deals with domestic abuse and gaslighting, whilst Regina Taylor’s Aisha (the black album) traces the history of Black women’s political power. However you spend the day, make it a good one!

8. Outwit a killer with these gripping murder mysteries

Sherlock Murder Mystery

A puzzling murder case really does liven up one’s lockdown, doesn’t it? Certainly beats solving the mystery of who used the last roll of toilet paper, at any rate. With two perplexing livestreamed murder mysteries to enjoy, you’ll need all your wits to crack the case – whether you’re solving the mystery of an exploding spaceship in Race to Mars, or hunting down a shadowy killer in Sherlock and the Palace Assassin.

9. Seek out London’s gorgeous spring flowers


London is poised to erupt in a riot of colour this month, and it’s already started in St James’ Park, where the daffodils are in full bloom. Elsewhere, cherry blossoms, bluebells, and tulips aren’t far off blooming, and you’ll find them all in our flower guide.

10-12. Join a delicious masterclass with London’s favourite foodies (March 11, 12, 17)


If you’re looking for the best pizza, burgers, and fried chicken in London, you’d be wise to start with Pizza Pilgrims, Bleecker Burger, and Mother Clucker. And happily, you can enjoy all three from home this month, as they’ve joined forces with Jameson to host a series of food and cocktail workshops this month. You’ll get all the ingredients delivered to your door, and the restauranteurs will be walking you through every step of the process – ending with a delicious home-made meal! Find your tickets below.

🍔 Jameson & Bleecker Burger (March 11)
🐔 Jameson & Mother Clucker (March 12)
🍕 Jameson & Pizza Pilgrims (March 17)

13. Treat your mum for Mother’s Day (March 14)


Of all the events on this list, this is the one you really don’t want to forget for heaven’s sake! It’s your chance to treat your dear Mum to something special, and is vitally important in a time when many of us will likely be spending the day apart from our families. If you’re short on ideas, maybe the likes of a delightful afternoon tea from Soho bakery Cutter & Squidge, or this wonderful collaboration between Sculpd & Bloom and Wild, could be a good starting point?

14. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day from home (March 17)

Photo: @alicia_1001

Without the traditional St Patrick’s Day parade in Trafalgar Square, and with London’s bevy of Irish pubs standing empty, it’s going to be another quiet St Patricks’ Day. So, it’s on us to make it a memorable one from home, starting with an attempt to pour the perfect Guinness. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit!

15. Choose your mystery with a trio of online games


Boredom is simply not an option when presented with these fascinating online murder mysteries. Whether you’re hunting for the killer of the prom queen, exploring the mysterious death of a realty TV contestant, or solving crimes on a British staycation, you’re sure to be entertained this month. Find your tickets for all three games here.

16. Hop on your laptop for a night of Drag Bingo

The excellent bingo nights from former Drag Race star Charlie Hides have been a total hit during the lockdown, and March offers another chance for colourful drag performances, imitations, and raunchy bingo calls. Find your tickets here.

17. Spend one last month in the warm embrace of Netflix

Binge-watching has certainly kept me going during the lockdown, and Netflix UK is providing plenty more for us to enjoy come March. A new season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, a fascinating documentary about the life and career of The Notorious B.I.G, and Michelle Obama’s new kid-focused cooking show are just some of this month’s highlights. See more releases here.

18. Appreciate the heritage and complexity of rum at this online tasting session (March 20)


The world’s only Global Rum Ambassador (dream job, right?) Ian Burrell hosts this virtual rum tasting, which includes six samples of rum delivered to your door. It’s your chance to learn more about one of the world’s most popular spirits, and is a must-try for rum lovers. Grab your tickets here.

19. Go undercover with these thrilling immersive experiences


If you’ve ever dreamed of being a spy, you’re going to love this online experience, which catapults you into a world of excitement and espionage! You can also work as a top scientist, battling to save the world from a deadly virus – just in case you’d like something a little more on-brand for 2021… Nab your tickets here.

20. Search for a magic lamp with this puzzling online game

The Wonder Cave

Magic and mystery combine at virtual escape room experience The Wonder Cave, where you’ll need wits and bravery to overcome every challenge put in front of you and escape with an incredible prize. Tickets can be found here.

21. Turn out the lights for Earth Hour (March 27)

Photo: @peppyhere

Every little helps when it comes to saving the planet, including switching off the lights for an hour. London’s landmarks will be going dark, as will cities in 178 countries across the world, so you wouldn’t want to feel left out, would you?

22. Welcome the glorious arrival of British Summer Time (March 28)

British Summer Time

Longer days, brighter nights, and the first tantalising glimpses of summer: March 28 is certainly a date for the diary, as we edge closer to what could be a memorable summer.

23. Uncover the truth in this virtual trial experience

12 Angry Guests

I know you’ve probably got a lot on your plate at the moment, but if you can handle a little more, why not place a man’s life in your hands? In this virtual trial, you’ll need to weigh the evidence and witness statements to decide whether the suspect is guilty of murder. Find your tickets here.

24. Finally meet up with another household (March 29)

Two households

Arguably the most anticipated date in March comes at the end of the month, as a further easing of lockdown restrictions will give us the ability to meet up with friends and family outdoors. Social limits will be restricted to two households or six people (as the Rule of Six makes a return), but it will finally allow us a long-overdue face-to-face catchup with the people we love. This is also the date that outdoor sport can return, if you’re planning a game of tennis. We’re already counting the days!

25. Wander round the prettiest mews in London


If you’re only taking one lockdown walk a day, you’d better make it a memorable one, hadn’t you? Checking out the dreamiest mews in town will give you plenty for your Instagram feed, and probably a whole lot of house envy too… See them here.

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