A Great Glass Lift Will Take You Up One Of Battersea Power Station’s Chimneys

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It’s upwards, ever upwards at Battersea Power Station’s Chimney Lift!

There’s nothing more thrilling than a new view of the London skyline, and that’s exactly what we’re going to get next year. The newest viewing opportunity to grace the city is a glass lift, which will whisk visitors to the very top of one of Battersea Power Station’s iconic chimneys. Though there’s no exact opening date for the ‘Chimney Lift’, it’s expected to arrive in 2022, whereupon it’ll become a must visit for skyline junkies.

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Chimney Lift

When the attraction was first announced back in 2018, it was expected to arrive in 2021, so you can chalk the delay up to the pandemic. However, the project is moving steadily towards completion; when finished, the Chimney Lift will hoist punters some 109 metres above the riverside, enjoying 360° views across the city. That’s a little lower than rival vistas at the London Eye, Shard or Sky Garden, but it is a wholly unique view, and does come with a bit more authentic history behind it, even if the chimneys themselves are actually all-new replacements of the originals. Helpfully, developers have released a nifty mock-up of the views we can expect from up here, just to whet the appetite:

The Chimney Lift will be able to hold around 30 visitors at a time, with the experience beginning down on terra firm in the power station’s redeveloped Turbine Hall A, where an immersive exhibition will chart the history of Battersea Power Station. Deep-pocketed Londoners will be able to hire out the Chimney Lift for private events, should they so wish.

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Elsewhere in the gargantuan redevelopment will be shops, gyms, and a cinema, an already-open crazy golf experience, loads of office space for Apple, and potentially even this lovely roof garden. Events company Camm & Hooper are also unveiling deluxe new spaces in the development, including the 1400-capacity Generator Hall, 1930s-inspired bar Control Room A (full of original features and art deco architecture), and an al fresco riverside terrace dubbed Connector Terrace. Lots to look forward then, even if, like me, you’re deathly afraid of lifts.

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