12 Lockdown-Proof Ways To Treat Your Mum This Mother’s Day

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day in lockdown? We’ve found some ways to make it special!

Of all the years to show your loved ones you truly care, 2021 is definitely the one. Spending so much time away from the people we love means the onus is on us to make the big days special, and with Mother’s Day (March 14) the first one on the horizon, it’s time to get planning. There are still plenty of ways to treat your dear mum despite the country still being under a strict lockdown, and we’ve picked out some of our favourites!

1. Send her off to paradise with a tropical staycation box

Mother's Day

Since you can’t whisk dear mother away on a well-earned city break or staycation right now, the next best thing is to bring it to her. Featuring cocktails, inflatable palm trees, strawberry champagne truffle ice creams, and even a sand castle kit, this tropical staycation box will do just that. Find yours here.

2. Twist and shout about a fab disco bingo night

Disco Bingo

If you’ve got a mum who loves ABBA and the like, then this is the event for you! Putting a fun spin on the classic bingo game, Disco Bingo drops the numbers and instead requires you to listen out for the pop songs to match those on your bingo card. It’s sure to get you up and dancing! Tickets are available here.

3. Hit the mat for a groovy Disco Yoga session

Disco Yoga

Yep, yoga has gone disco, and it’s become one of our favourite workouts during the lockdown. An hour of energising yoga sequences will have you and your favourite lady feeling light and destressed in no time, and you can even wear glitter and spandex if that’s your jam. Pick up your tickets here.

4. Join this thrilling online murder mystery

Mother's Day

Mother knows best, as the saying goes – and maybe it’s time to prove that once and for all by putting her on the case of a dastardly murder. At the Mocksomer village fete annual cake competition, one of the celebrity judges has dropped dead, and it’s up to you and your detectives to find out whom… Tickets available here.

5. Hop on the laptop for a night of Drag Bingo

Isolation Bingo

Drag Race diva Charlie Hides and her excellent bingo nights have been a total saviour during the lockdown, and Mother’s Day is a fine opportunity to dive into another night of colourful drag performances, imitations, and raunchy bingo calls. Find your tickets here.

6. Treat her to a brilliant online wine tasting

Borough Wines

Secret London’s official position is that wine is never a bad idea, and I’d wager the folks at Borough Wines agree with us. Their next online sustainable wine tasting session runs on March 26, and whilst it’s a little late for Mother’s Day, I think it’ll be well worth the wait. Get your tickets here.

7. Whip up cocktails and a three-course meal with a MasterChef finalist


Speaking of treats that are worth the wait, this online cocktail and culinary experience with MasterChef finalist Liv Burt is definitely one to consider. You’ll have a box with all the ingredients delivered to the door, and Burt will teach you how to create an incredible three-course meal, featuring burrata, pine-brined cod, and a bergamot custard to finish. Plus, cocktails! It runs on March 30, and you can find your tickets here.

Prefer to treat your Mum to something later this year? We’ve got plenty of ideas for that, too!

Perfectly understandable that you’d want to save your Mother’s Day gift for something a little later in 2021, when you and your dear mum will be able to enjoy it together, free of lockdown restrictions. Here are five book now, pay later suggestions that we think she’ll love!

8. Secret Cinema’s breathtaking Dirty Dancing experience 💃

9. A night at London’s charming Floating Jazz Club 🎷

10. This excellent afternoon tea bus tour 🍰

11. Bar Elba’s brilliant rooftop bottomless brunch 🥂

12. A £40 voucher to spend on these gorgeous candlelight concerts 🕯

Don’t forget, our friends at Fever have even more brilliant events and experiences for you to explore!

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