12 Christmas Life Hacks Every True Londoner Needs To Know

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12 Christmas Life Hacks Every True Londoner Needs To Know

We all know these, do you?


1. At every London office party, they serve Pret Christmas Lunch sandwiches.

2. You can take a toy from the St Pancras Tree if you sing “Ding Dong Merrily On High” whilst line dancing.

3. There is a law stating that Shoreditch dwellers must put glitter in their beard if it’s longer than 3cm.

4. If you take a selfie outside of the Covent Garden tree, the Queen will like it on Instagram.

5. Boris Bikes have secret built-in skis for when it snows.

[Daily Mail]
6. If you enter Winter Wonderland on a Saturday, your hair will turn grey by midnight.

#proof [Blogspot]
7. West London’s Boxing Day football is the best place to go for a quiet day out with the family.

8. Instead of high-vis, cyclists are encouraged to wrap themselves in fairy lights for safety on the roads.

9. Tube escalators have a rule where you’re allowed to stand on the left if you’re wearing a Santa Hat.

10. If you see a llama in Soho, you will have an over draft-free year.

11. On Christmas Eve, the Prime Minister goes to Oxford Street and buys the Mayor a pair of novelty socks.

They didn’t have the fuzzy ones left. [Huffington Post]
12. If you say “Christmas In London” 3 times in the mirror, the ghost of Santa street performers gone by will perform ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ for you.

[The Standard]
[The Standard]

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