The Oxford Street Christmas Lights Are Up, And Honestly We’re Ready

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Oxford Street Christmas Lights

Oxford Street’s Christmas lights may not be switched-on yet, but they’re already in position.

It starts earlier and earlier every year, doesn’t it? Actually, that’s not really true – Oxford Street always start popping up their decorations at the beginning of October. And right on schedule, their baubles are now floating, albeit dimly, above London’s most manic thoroughfare. [Top photo: @alisonbonny]

With 1,778 of them to install, it makes sense to start early. It’s enough to give you a premature Yuletide tingle, isn’t it?

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This morning, the official switch-on date has been announced as Tuesday, November 7th, and this year Sky Cinema and NSPCC will be partnering with the event, in a way that will, via a mechanism not fully explained, support vulnerable children.

Oxford Street Christmas Lights switch on

No word, yet, on which celeb will be pushing the power-on plunger in 2017 – previous participants include Kylie Minogue, Cheryl, Jessie J and Craig David.

Find out more with our guide to London’s Christmas lights switch-on dates. Also: Winter Wonderland is back for 2017, and so are those riverside igloos.

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