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Covent Garden Is Being Dusted With Flurries Of Snow Every Day This Month

Alex Landon Alex Landon - Editor

Covent Garden snow

No more dreaming about a white Christmas, because Covent Garden are making it happen!

I’m pretty confident Bing Crosby wasn’t singing about Covent Garden all those years ago, but here in 2020, you can be sure we’ll be singing about Covent Garden all season long. The piazza is already home to 115,000 lights, London’s largest hand-picked tree, and giant mistletoe chandeliers, but in a bid to make December even more magical, Covent Garden will now be dusted with a sprinkling of snow each day!

Covent Garden snow
Royal Ballet dancer Mariana Tsembenhoi celebrates the arrival of snow.

We’ve been watching the weather forecasts recently, and it looks like this is the only snowfall on the horizon (sleet? Maybe. Snow? Nope.) It’s also the only way of guaranteeing snow this winter, and should make your festive snaps even more wintry. Best of all, the snow – which you’ll find falling in front of that giant Christmas tree – has been created to be entirely sustainable.

Covent Garden Christmas lights

Mesmerising as snowfall in Central London is, it’s far from the only enchanting thing to see at Covent Garden this year. Quite aside from all the decorations (read more about them here), you’ll also find a festive immersive LEGO installation, new stores such as vegan cookie shop Floozie and Belgian chocolate specialists Neuhaus, and a lovely pop-up from Benjamin Pollock’s Toyshop selling traditional and retro toys. Meanwhile, the return of their Wonder Wood – a Christmas tree forest with trees decorated by The Royal Opera House, Molton Brown, and L’Occitane, amongst others – is giving the space some designer flair.

Really, we can’t think of a better antidote to London’s recent move to Tier 3 than a white Christmas!

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