Selfridges Have Just Opened Their Christmas Shop, And It’s More Sustainable Than Ever

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selfridges christmas

Selfridges Christmas shop may not be leaner in 2021, but it’s certainly greener.

Normally, this article begins somewhat scornfully, by noting that Selfridges have opened their Christmas shop in July (and that was in 2019, FYI — our last “normal year”). In 2021, however, Selfridges have opted for a far more sensible opening of October 4. And that’s not the only thing that’s improved, as this year’s Christmas shop will be their greenest festive shop ever.

selfridges christmas

Usually, Selfridges try and beat their fiercest rivals (Liberty, John Lewis, et al) to the punch, fuelled by the knowledge that their festive decorations and souvenirs are incredibly popular with visitors from overseas, and a desire to give them as much time as possible to bring them home for Christmas. It’s Capitalism 101, baby.

selfridges christmas

But in 2021, they’ve got bigger issues on their mind. Chief amongst them is sustainability, with a mission of being kinder to the planet in the forefront of their planning for this year’s Christmas shop. Following the initiative’s introduction last year, 60% of all the products in the Christmas shop – be it decorations, crackers, cards, or wrapping paper – are now sustainably sourced, in what they’re calling the largest sustainable collection on the UK high street.

This year’s store theme is “A Christmas of Dream”, and the decorations on offer are forest-friendly, plastic-free, made from recycled materials, or – in some cases – pre-loved and up for resale. It’s an excellent opportunity to shop for all the baubles (750+!) and tinsel you could wish for, whilst still being kind to the planet: a key part of Selfridge’s ongoing Project Earth initiative, which aims to increase the prevalence of sustainable sources for their products by 2025. In a year where global health issues have joined the ever-increasing threat of climate change, that’s a very good outlook to have. Seems like Christmas is going to be sustainably merry, and merrily sustainable this year!

Find the Christmas Shop on the fourth floor of the Oxford Street store, 400 Oxford St, W1C 1JS.

Meanwhile, Liberty’s iconic Christmas shop has also opened for festive wanders.

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