The Ultimate A To Z Of Christmas In London

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A to Z

It’s Christmas time, and London is ready for the big day.

What better way to mark Christmas time,
Than with a festive list, expressed through rhyme?

A to Z
Photo: @dvf

A is for afternoon tea, with a neat Christmas touch.

B is for blingtastic trees, we love them so much.

A to Z
Photo: @zini_official

C is for candlelit Christmas concerts, better with a drink.

D is for Dalloway Terrace, pretty in pink.

A to Z
Photo: @roofeast

E is for eating all the cheese, the elixir of life.

F is for festive sports, and competitive strife.

A to Z

G is for this Gingerbread City, we wish we could eat.

H is for historic Christmas pics, a real festive treat.

a to z
Photo: @bei.bei.wei

I is for igloos, a luxurious design.

J is for jumpers, the Christmassy kind.

A to Z

K is for Kew’s Christmas lights, twinkling for you.

L is for Lodge on the River, filled with fondue.

A to Z
Photo: @ccauchi

M is for markets, and crafty creations.

N is for naughty festive cocktails, such delicious libations!

A to Z
Photo: @tmnikonian

O is for Oxford Street, shining so bright.

P is for picking your Christmas tree, one that’s just right.

A to Z
Photo: @levanterman

Q is for queuing, for that one special present.

R is for Regent Street, for the angels’ ascent.

A to Z
Photo: @delta

S is for skating, give us a twirl!

T is for trees, the best in the world.

A to Z

U is for unbelievable, it’s The Churchill Arms display.

V is for very tall lights, The Shard leads the way.

A to Z
Photo: @hydeparkwinterwonderland

W is for Winter Wonderland, where magic unfurls.

X is for ‘xxx’ (kisses) for those special guys and girls.

A to Z
Photo: @levanterman

Y is for Yorkshire pudding wraps, surprisingly cheap.

Z is for zzz, cause there’s just five more sleeps!

Featured image: @levanterman

Alex Landon

Alex Landon

Although Alex spent most of his life in Somerset and Durham, London is (almost) in his name, so he relocated to the capital and fell in love with it. Now going by the moniker 'Secret Landon', you'll find him eating all of London's street food, lost in a bookshop, or shouting at his beloved ice hockey team, the Minnesota Wild.