The Ultimate A To Z Of Christmas In London

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A to Z

It’s Christmas time, and London is ready for the big day.

What better way to mark Christmas time,
Than with a festive list, expressed through rhyme?


A is for afternoon tea, with a neat Christmas touch.

B is for blingtastic trees, we love them so much.

Dalloway Terrace
Photo: @dallowayterrace

C is for candlelit Christmas concerts, where the mood’s just right.

D is for Dalloway Terrace, ravishing in white.

A to Z
Photo: @roofeast

E is for eating all the cheese, the elixir of life.

F is for festive sports, and competitive strife.

A to Z

G is for this Gingerbread City, we wish we could eat.

H is for historic Christmas pics, a real festive treat.

a to z
Photo: @bei.bei.wei

I is for igloos, a luxurious design.

J is for jumpers, the Christmassy kind.

A to Z

K is for Kew’s Christmas lights, twinkling for you.

L is for Lodge on the River, filled with fondue.

A to Z
Photo: @ccauchi

M is for markets, and crafty creations.

N is for naughty festive cocktails, such delicious libations!

Oxford Street Christmas

O is for Oxford Street, shining so bright.

P is for picking your Christmas tree, one that’s just right.

A to Z
Photo: @levanterman

Q is for queuing, for that one special present.

R is for Regent Street, for the angels’ ascent.

A to Z
Photo: @delta

S is for skating, give us a twirl!

T is for trees, the best in the world.

A to Z
Photo: @engr.nelson.ph

U is for unbelievable, it’s The Churchill Arms display.

V is for very tall lights, The Shard leads the way.

A to Z
Photo: @hydeparkwinterwonderland

W is for Winter Wonderland, where magic unfurls.

X is for ‘xxx’ (kisses) for those special guys and girls.

A to Z
Photo: @levanterman

Y is for YouTube videos, where Christmas runs deep.

Z is for zzz, cause there’s just one more sleep!

Featured image: @levanterman

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