The Top 10 Coziest Corners To Curl Up In London

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The Top 10 Coziest Corners To Curl Up In London

Sorry, we know it’s only September. You don’t want to think about getting “cozy” for at least another month or at least not that kind of cozy. But I hate to break it to you London, what with global warming and the fact that London is just generally wet and cold, you may need these places sooner than you’d think.


1. For the Where The Wild Things Are wanderers: Four Corners Cafe, Waterloo.

This award winning café focuses heavily on all things nomadic; from the scattered travel magazines available for reading to the miniature globe perched on the countertop. With delicious food and a wide array of coffee and teas to choose from, this is a glorious bolthole which will whisk you away to Wonderland. Not literally, of course; health and safety would be a nightmare.

Open til 6.30 pm.


2. For the cuddling connoisseurs: Pillow Cinema, various locations.

There are so many different types of cinematic experience in London but this one sure is the snuggliest. Prepare to starfish to your hearts content on their huge 2-man beanbags, with a complimentary blanket for some under the cover action (holding hands you animals).

Tickets available online.


3. For a cheesy romantic dinner: St Moritz, Wardour Street.

Nothing screams warmth and comfort like a big old vat of bubbly cheese. My vegans out there may disagree but do you know how hard it is to stop being a cheese lover once you’ve tried a toastie? I digress. St Moritz is your traditional Swiss fonduerie (not a word but should be) and no one does comfort like the Swiss. I mean they invented the Swiss roll which is basically the best comfort food of all time.

Open Monday to Friday till 11.30 pm.


4. For some smooth, smooth jazz: NOLA, Shoreditch.

Easy to miss but SO worth it, NOLA is your answer to eargasms everywhere. With a killer cocktail list and more than helpful bartenders happy to guide you on a juiced-up journey, the speakeasy-esque establishment will leave you so schmoozed up the whole night will feel like an epic sax solo from Careless Whisper.


5. For a full on snuggle sesh: 40 Winks, Stepney Green.

Part of the trendy ‘micro hotel’ craze which has joined many other micro-isms (pigs, cupcakes etc.) 40 Winks is extremely popular since your comfort as a guest is placed at the highest priority. David the host is renowned for his abilities to make you feel as chillaxed as possible and multiple reviews use the word ‘magical’ so that says it all really.

Rooms from £120.


6. For some light reading: The British Library, Kings Cross.

If you’re the type to squash yourself into a nook with a book and not leave until its finished then why not go somewhere where you fully immerse yourself in literature. No I don’t mean stick your head in a book literally but The British Library is rather spectacular to look at and it also has a charming courtyard and café for strolling/shortcaking.

Open 9.30am til 8pm, Monday-Thursday and 5/6pm Friday, Saturday, Sunday.


7. For a spot of sneaky shisha: Tagine, Balham.

Traditional mint tea and shisha flavours await you at Tagine so once the former has kicked in you’re guaranteed to be cosy. We understand that shisha isn’t to everyone’s taste but the restaurant here serves some pretty decent Moroccan food if you’re tagging along with a puffing pal.

Open Mon-Fri 17:00-23:00 and Sat-Sun 12:00-23:00.


8. For late night workers: VQ24, Chelsea/Bloomsbury.
If like me you’re one to burn the midnight oil somewhat too vigorously, 24 hour restaurants are a blessing (and ultimately for the bank balance, a bad, bad curse). Vingt Quatre serve food 24/7, give 20% discount to all struggling NHS employees AND offer free Wifi to all their customers. So if it’s one of those terrible weather/can’t face the real world days, why not sit in for breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst enjoying a good House of Cards binge. We can’t guarantee you won’t get a few odd looks but hey, treat yo self!


9. For green fingered fans: Kew Gardens.

[Poppet with a Camera]
Kew is so big and beautiful, plus studies have shown that being around plants actually calms you down in terms of stress levels. Go here if you’re terrified that your oxygen levels aren’t combatting the 2 cigarettes we supposedly inhale everyday on the tube thank to secondary smoke. Their fresh air and gorgeous plants are the closest you’ll get to a tropical holiday and to be honest with all the viscously stringent baggage allowances everywhere this is a much easier option.

Open from 10am to 6pm.


10. For some furry friends: Lady Dinah’s/Verve Boutique and Café.

When I think of cute & cosy moments most of them involve some sort of adorable animal. Or a fire. But my god don’t combine the two. I’ve included both a cat AND a dog option because for some reason everyone thinks they have to choose a side in this world (what is wrong with you???).

Lady Dinah’s is open 6 days a week, from 10am-5pm.

Verve is open 9am-8pm Monday-Saturday.


Yup, there actually are better alternatives than your own bed. Who knew?


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