5 Booze-Tastic Bottomless Brunches In London We Know You Haven’t Tried Yet

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Bottomless brunch is great because a) it has a fab name b) you can get rat-arsed at 11 o’clock in the morning and nobody bats an eyelid. There’s nothing quite like saying ‘bottoms up’ and knowing that you can continue to say it until it becomes ‘bosshomsup’.  We mean brunch in the American sense sadly. If it was bottomless food as well as alcohol, well we’d never leave. You’d find us the following weekend, belly swollen, eyes glassy, mumbling about prosecco. We’ve included a range of prices (because we’re thoughtful like that) but we warn you there are no bottomless brunches worth risking your health for (principally, liver) under £10 so funnily enough we didn’t include them. Again, you’re welcome.


1. Plateau, £38.

Starting off with the priciest on our list is Plateau. Situated in Canary Wharf (so it goes without saying to only turn up in your smart trainers) this spacious restaurant looks out over some pretty cool views and has a nifty bottomless sitch included in the price. So basically fill your boots on their 3 course meal AND enjoy ‘free flowing’ prosecco (their words, not ours). Go forth readers and let it flow as freely as the Kardashians hair extensions.

 E14 5ER : Available only on Saturdays from 12 pm until 3.30 pm.


2. HotBox, £25.

Do you consider yourself a ‘seasoned brunch specialist’? If you do then stop it – you just love eggs. That being said those ‘in the know’ are raving about the Hotbox Sunday brunches going on at Spitalfields. They have a wondrously wide selection of food to choose from and offer the whole thing up with unlimited Prosecco, Mimosas and some kick-ass Bloody Marys that will leave you loving tomato juice in a whole new way.

 E16LT: 11.30am – 5pm every Sunday.


3. Pizza Buzz, £25 20 (£5 off with our special code!!). 

We looooooove pizza (seriously, on a Joey-type level) so Pizza+Prosecco is obviously a great idea. You can choose a pre-set style from their cleverly curated menu or go rogue and DIY; either way the toppings are top notch and the prosecco ain’t half bad either. Pizza Buzz is in a cool location and serves such nom-esque Za’s that we can’t help but get involved to help you guys get a ‘slice’ of the action.


If you enter the code BUZZIN when you download the Fever app, you’ll receive £5 off the brunch price itself. The deal is on every weekend i.e. today and tomorrow people. Go forth my dough-lightful chums and treat yo self.

EC2A 2AH: Between 11-3pm, Saturdays&Sundays. 


4. Yolk, £20.

We’ve included another £20 option because we believe that’s an incredibly generous price for good food AND good booze (and it’s usually the perfect amount left in your meagre bank account). Yolk is funnily enough an eggy brunch, with the self proclaimed ‘egg geeks’ (so much better than your regular IT geek we’re sure) serving up a scrumptious brunch menu. For one Yolk dish and 2 hours of unlimited prosecco thrown in you’ll be laughing (maybe hysterically) as you hand over your twenty.

 N1 5ET : Saturday (8:30am-4:00pm ) and Sunday (8:30am-12:30pm)


5. The Black Penny, (technically a penny!!)

Ok the food isn’t a penny but the prosecco is! Black Penny offer the choice of any brunch item on the menu plus a glass of prosecco for only a penny extra (hallelujah). We’re not sure how bottomless this one is (since you’ll probably have to pay extra after the first glass) but if you’re the type to pass out after one spritzer maybe it’s safer to stick to this choice after all. We can also attest to the fact that the food here is INCREDIBLE. We’d say try the chorizo baked beans with a poached egg for something a little different or stick to The Hunter which is not as intimidating as it sounds but is in fact a delicious full english.

 WC2B 5AA: Available weekends and bank holidays.


Featured Image: The Londoner