The Sexy London Cinema With Freaking Double Beds In It • Electric Cinema

There are luxury cinemas… and then there are LUXURY cinemas. With double beds.

The Electric Cinema in Portobello, Notting Hill, is a London institution – over 100 years old, in fact. Now one of the most decadently appointed screening rooms in the city, it’s famous for its outrageously comfortable seating.

Electric Cinema Portobello
Photo: @dimitrou_ka

And not only does it offer 65 plush armchairs from which to enjoy your favourite new film, there are also three back row sofas, and five double beds on the front row for you to recline while you watch.

London Cinema Double Beds Electric
Photo: @cloudmiho

Each armchair comes with its own footstool, a side table upon which to rest your wine and snackage, available from the cinema’s own bar, and to complete your coziness, a cashmere blanket under which to snuggle. The building itself is also of note: it’s a gorgeous, century-old edifice that’s Grade II listed by English Heritage.

Electric Diner Notting Hill

This is extremely lavish cinemagoing with a price point to match: £18 for a bed when shared with a partner, or £20 for an armchair. But to be honest, if you really think about it, you deserve it, don’t you? Of course you do. (See more luxury cinemas in London.)


Location: 191 Portobello Road. Nearest station: Ladbroke Grove.
Opening hours: Seven days a week, screening times vary – check their programme.
Entry: Tickets start from £18 for adults. Tip: sharing a bed with a friend is actually cheaper than getting two armchairs!
More information: head to their website.

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