The 17 Coolest Crazy Golf Courses In London

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Crazy Golf London

Fancy a spot of crazy golf in London? We’ve found sixteen fun and quirky mini golf courses for you to try.

In recent years, pop-up crazy golf courses have become a bit of a ‘thing.’ There are no fewer than eleven dotted throughout central London, on rooftops, in abandoned WW2 bunkers, shopping malls, parks and beer gardens. Or head to the outskirts of the city where you can find giant open-air courses with up to 36 holes – and if someone hasn’t had a tantrum after all those, you really aren’t trying.

⛳️ Inner London Crazy Golf ⛳️

1-5) Plonk: Battersea, Hackney, Camden, Islington, Peckham

Crazy Golf London - Plonk Mini Golf
Photo: Plonk Mini Golf in Dalston

For big fun in small spaces, Plonk have set up shop in a variety of pubs across London. You can try their psychedelic glow-in-the-dark course at the Four Thieves in Battersea, the People’s Park Tavern in Hackney, in Camden Market, Peckham Levels or at The Victoria Tavern in Islington. Oh, and since they’re all either in or next to a pub, you can grab a celebratory/commiseration drink when you’re all done.

6-8) Putt In The Park: Battersea, Acton, Wandsworth

Crazy Golf London - Putt In The Park
Photo: Crazy Golf at Putt In The Park, Google

For a classy outdoor putting experience on a rain-free day, pay a visit to one of three Putt In The Park locations at Battersea Park, Acton Park or Wandsworth Park. They have clubhouse cafés and, by virtue of their park locations, are the perfect complement to an after-game picnic. You can even take a Google tour of the courses on their website! Book a slot now with Fever for Battersea, Acton, or Wandsworth.

9-10) Swingers Crazy Golf, Aldgate and Oxford Circus

These two multi-million pound courses are a joy to putt on. Swingers in the City is based in a WW2 bunker almost directly underneath the Gherkin, while Swingers West End takes over part of a former department store off Oxford Circus. Both venues offer two luxurious nine-hole courses to choose from, along with street food from some of London’s best vendors, such as Patty an Bun and DF Mexico. It’s very la-di-da, although due to the free-flowing cocktails, strictly for adults only. See our full Swingers Crazy Golf review.

11) Puttshack, Westfield London

Puttshack Lifestyle 1

This new operation – at the mighty Westfield shopping mall in West London – is London’s most high-tech crazy golf experience. Magical sensors track every tap and flick of the ball, keeping score, assigning turns, and generally enabling some next-level putting action. The inventive challenges draw on beer pong, trivia quizzes, and other unexpected elements.

12) Junkyard Golf, Shoreditch

Their first crazy golf course was literally built out of random junk. But their swizzy current set up, in the Truman Brewery off Brick Lane, delivers no fewer than FOUR nine-hole grungy mini golf courses with lots of UV paint, weird sculptures and even a hall of mirrors, while a bar serves up all your favourite drinks. (There are also a lot of puns that don’t really make any sense!) Again, this one’s just for grown-ups, folks.

13) Birdies Crazy Golf, Stratford

Birdies Crazy Golf Stratford
Photo: Birdies

This mind-bendingly monochrome crazy golf course aims to put you off your putt through dazzling patterns and optical illusions. It’s part of the rooftop Social Fun & Games Club where you can also try baseball slugging, lawn bowls and a roller disco – more details here.

14) Skylight, Wapping

Croquet at Skylight London
Photo: @caragrantham, Instagram

OK, sure, it’s actually croquet, but we’re throwing it in, because it’s a competitive game of hitting balls with sticks. It’s on the roof of Tobacco Dock in Wapping throughout the summer. Find out more on their website.


15) Dragon Quest, Croydon

Dragon Quest Crazy Golf, Croydon, South London
Photo: Richard Stiles, Instagram

This big, family-friendly crazy golf course in south London offers eighteen holes of mini-golf action. And dragons! It’s £8 for adults, £6 for under-12s and £3 for under-4s. There are also family tickets – details on their website.

16) Dinosaur Escape, Ruislip

Dinosaur Crazy Golf, Ruislip London
Photo: @julianocruzz, Instagram

Crazy golf meets Jurassic Park at this dinosaur-infested mini-golf centre in Ruislip, west London. While suspicious growls and chirps emerge from the bushes and giant dinosaurs tower above, you and the family can putt your way through eighteen holes of mini-golf fun. Find out more on their website.

17) Mr. Mulligan’s Dino Golf, Sidcup

Crazy Golf at Sidcup London
Photo: @stoz_esquire, Instagram

We’re really pushing the definition of ‘London’ now, but hey – Sidcup! Only for the hardcore UK golfer, Mr Mulligan’s Dino Golf presents an arguably excessive THIRTY-SIX holes of golf to delight and frustrate you and your loved ones. Plus waterfalls, lagoons, and you guessed it – dinosaurs! See their website for more.

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