19 Reasons London Is The Best Place To Spend Christmas

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We know we like to blow our own trumpets a little here at Secret London but if there’s one time of year where we feel like London really, really steals the show: it’s Christmas.


1. Christmas lights on Carnaby St give you that sparkly feeling.


2. And at Covent Garden?

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3. Things take a romantic turn…

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4. Our Christmas trees might just be the best in the world…

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5. No but actually.

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6. And even though Christmas shopping may be hell – at least we’ve got some things to smile at on the way.

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7. In fact, Christmas is just about the only time it is okay to smile in London.

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8. Even on the tube.

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See. You just smiled.


9. Borough Market takes a festive turn.

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10. And Portobello does too (in a very cute way)…


11. Winter Wonderland tastes of Christmas.

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12. And looks like Christmas too…

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13. Only in London can you sip on hot drinks like this…

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14. And because it’s Christmas, you don’t have to feel too guilty about it.

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15. There’s nothing quite like that feeling when the sun sets in London…

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16. And for the first time in a long time, you’ll be glad when it’s dark.

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17. The streets get busier…

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18. Until Christmas day when the city empties…


19. And suddenly London feels more magical than ever before.

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Featured Image Credit: Instagram @levanterman (we love him – check him out)!


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