150 Terrifically Tasty London Street Food Traders

Street food

To gaze over the London street food scene is to feel happy… and hungry.

London is positively embarrassed by the sheer number of amazing street food options available. From perfect pizza to cracking Chinese, with diversions into veganism and dessert, there’s a mountain of street food in London just waiting to be munched. We’ve rounded up the best London street food traders – only question now is: what are you in the mood for?

Street food burgers in London

Street food
Photo: @baggioburger

1. Baggio Burger: Italian-inspired burgers, in honour of the famous footballer.
2. The Patate: beef bourguinon burgers, topped with brie.
3. Bleecker Burger: NYC-inspired burgers, and don’t forget the angry fries!
4. Slow Richies: slinging out the patties from a Peckham railway arch.
5. Burger & Beyond: hand-pressed and served out of a suave orange van.

Street food
Baba G’s. Photo: @no_diet_club

6. Baba G’s: the lamb jalfrezi burger is a huge hit, especially at Secret London HQ.
7. Mother Flipper: top choices are the Candy Bacon Flipper or the Dirty Barbie.
8. Bill or Beak: duck and chicken burgers on this grill (contains neither bills nor beaks).
9. Hank’s Burgers: good ‘ol Southern cooking, inspired by New Orleans.

Chinese street food in London

Street food
Photo: @yum_bun

10. Yum Bun: bouncy bao buns and divine Yumplings too.
11. Pleasant Lady: China’s favourite breakfast, in Soho and Spitalfields.
12. L’ailOlive: find their famous chicken stir fry in Borough Market.
13. Hao Hao Chi: Hakka Chinese cooking at Peckham Levels.
14. Dumpling Shack: fresh handmade dumplings and wontons.

Japanese street food in London

Street food
Photo: @gyozaguys

15. Yu Kyu: roaming katsu house at KERB Camden and elsewhere.
16. Gyoza Guys: only one rule for these dumplings – no sharing!
17. Rainbo: a Tokyo-lovin’ food truck to complement their permanent spot.
18. Kanji: katsu in every imaginable iteration.
19. Thousand Knives: street food outpost of Haggerston eatery Brilliant Corners.
20. Luxury Flats: flatbreads stuffed with Japanese goodness – also the only luxury flats we can afford…

Veggie and vegan street food in London

Street food
Big V London. Photo: @street.the.vegan

21. Cook Daily: unlikely vegan favourite of the grime scene.
22. Root and Coal: new kids on the block, serving up veggie BBQ.
23. Club Mexicana: plant-powered Mexican masters, also run their own pub.
24. Big V London: homemade vegan burgers in Borough Market.
25. Spice Box: Indian-inspired vegan rice and spice boxes.
26. Biff’s Jack Shack: vegan junk food that won’t play by the rules.

Street food
Photo: @biffsjackshack

27. Little Leaf: vegan pizzas in red, white, or green varieties.
28. Young Vegans: traditional British pies given a vegan spin.
29. Magic Falafel: falafel magic that gets bonus points for also being gluten free.
30. Eat Chay: powerfully planty Asian fusion food.
31. Poptata: fan of fries will love these chip connoisseurs.
32. What The Pitta: the classic late night snack gets a makeover with vegan doner kebabs.

Italian street food in London

Street food
The Cheese Wheel. Photo: @dini_inabottle

33. Little Sicily: reportedly the best arancini and cannoli in London.
34. The Cheese Wheel: iconic Camden pasta purveyors.
35. The Piadina Project: flatbreads stuffed with meat, cheese, and Roman sunshine.
36. Bread Tree: bountiful bruschetta and bright salads.
37. Bello Gnocco: arancini and cannoli are the top draws at this Sicilian spot.
38. Sood Family: nomadic, high-concept Italian eatery, currently in Spitalfields Market.

Middle Eastern street food in London

Street food
Oli Baba’s. Photo: @mirrenrosie

39. Oli Baba’s: OG creators of London’s legendary halloumi fries.
40. Nazari: Andalusian cuisine with deep Middle Eastern roots.
41. What The Fattoush: Palestinian flatbread makers, where every purchase helps out charities.
42. Lulu Schnitzel: turns out schnitzel is a hugely popular Israeli street food snack – who knew?
43. Nandine: killer Kurdish kuisine with mezzes aplenty.

Street food
Photo: @whatthefattoush

44. Falafelicious: fully loaded pittas and flatbreads at Boxpark.
45. Babek Brothers: kebabs inspired by world travels, finished off with punny names.
46. Laffa: get a true taste of the Eastern Med from this colourful food truck.
47. Mike + Ollie: flatbread fanatics who can also cater your wedding.

Smashing seafood street food in London

Street food
Shrimpy. Photo: @jimboiuk

48. Prawnography: outrageously large crustaceans make for proper prawn stars.
49. Fish Lab: if it swims, they’ve probably got it here.
50. Ink: crispy squid with a punch black ink garlic mayo.
51. Shrimpy: their shrimp burger is a sure-fire winner.
52. Fin + Flounder: panko breaded prawns and lobster mac and cheese in Hackney.

Indian street food in London

Street food
Kolkati. Photo: @lickyplate

53. Kolkati: flaky kati rolls with all the toppings.
54. Frankie Goes To Bollywood: great name, better food, as British classics are given an Indian twist.
55. Horn OK Please: dosas and samosas on the Southbank.
56. Gujarati Rasoi: authentic tastes of Gujarat with recipes passed down the generations.
57. Dosa Deli: get a dosa these brilliant wraps.
58. Indigo: a smorgasbord of authentic Indian classics.
59. Sonita’s Kitchen: wish my kitchen made food as tasty as this…

Asian street food in London

Street food
Photo: @korritouk

60. Makatcha: Indonesia street food with incredible beef rendang.
61. Phat Phuc: brilliant Vietnamese cuisine served up in a tent off the Kings Road.
62. Korrito: a personal favourite, Korean BBQ served up on the Southbank.
63. Veechu: slick Sri Lankan food, often found on Brick Lane.
64. Khanom Krok: Thai outfit named after its distinctive coconut puddings.
65. Kubo: Filipino soul food with a special emphasis on adobo.
66. Kothu Kothu: quick chopped Sri Lankan delicacies.

Street food
Photo: @smokin_lotus

67. Bian Dang: tasty Taiwanese lunchboxes to keep the hunger away.
68. Hanoi Kitchen: noodle pots and banh mi from this KERB favourite.
69. Smokin Lotus: Asian BBQ in sandwich or salad box form.
70. Bao Bao: buns, soups, and bubble tea down in Croydon.
71. PAD + SEN: rock on down to this pad thai paradise.
72. Bittenclub: Vietnam via France – including a savagely good salted dark chocolate eclair to finish.
73. BBQ Dreamz: Filipino background barbecue, find them wherever KERB are.

Street food pizzas in London

Street food
Photo: @bornandraisedpizza

74. Fundi: the pizzas are homemade, and so is the pizza oven.
75. Born & Raised: doughy dreams served out of a converted Land Rover.
76. Rust Bucket Pizza Co: beloved Woolwich pizza also serving cannoli.
77. Wandercrust: hard to overlook the American Psycho, topped with chilli honey.
78. Sud Italia: Neopolitan naughtiness on four wheels.

Mexican street food in London

Street food
Photo: @elote.co.uk

79. Luardos: bountiful burritos are the hallmark of this trader.
80. Yucatan: Southern Mexican magic from these pop-up pros.
81. Killa Dilla: quesadillas stuffed full of melty cheese magic.
82. Taco Dave: tasty tacos from a man named Dave.
83. Elote: Mexican light bites, also serves some killer corn.

American street food in London

Street food
The Mac Factory. Photo: @food.ful

84. The Mac Factory: cracking mac n’ cheese with regional inspiration.
85. Mother Clucker: fab fried chicken spot, now with a permanent restaurant.
86. Oh My Dog!: fancy hot dogs with even fancier sauces.
87. The Orange Buffalo: wings and wings and wings.
88. Other Side Fried: take a bite out of their notorious honey butter chicken burger.
89. Anna Mae’s: mac and cheese served out of the ‘Burt Reynolds’ van – try the Kanye Western.

Street food
Photo: @othersidefried

90. Thunderbird: delicious fried chickens are go!
91. Capish?: Italian-American inspired subs and sandwiches.
92. Drums and Flats: more wings, this time in five different flavours.
93. Spit & Roast: spit-roasted meats and buttermilk fried chicken make for a winning combo.
94. Coqfighter: crispy fried chicken, along with bao and wings.

Street food sandwiches in London

Street food
Meltsmiths. Photo: @squishyjimmy_

95. Meltsmiths: they’re grilled cheese sandwiches, but also so so much more.
96. Sub Cult: legendary street food traders, revered for their smashing subs.
97. Kappacasein: cracking cheese sarnies from the Borough Market stalwarts.
98. Nana Fanny’s: salt beef beigels + pickles + mustard = heaven, since 1944.
99. Gabagools: top sandwiches with a must-have side of mac n cheese balls.

Street food
Photo: @subcultlondon

100. Le Swine: best bacon butties in town, topped with a fried duck egg.
101. Dank Van: the best kept secret of London street food? One man, one van, and incredible American sarnies.
102. Deeney’s: Scottish-inspired cheese toasties, the Macbeth is legendary.
103. Slingin’ Po’ Boys: Louisiana’s classic sub arrives in the capital.
104. Schmaltz: sexy sandwiches served in a unique teardrop-shaped bun.

Caribbean street food in London

Street food
Photo: @mamasjerk

105. White Men Can’t Jerk: anyone who’s tried their Red Stripe-poached chicken would disagree.
106. Only Jerkin: ginger beer battered chicken nuggets? Say no more!
107. Shellybelly’s: everything comes out of the jerk drum, and into your mouth.
108. Nanny Outars: India and the Caribbean combine in these Guyanese rotis.
109. Mama’s Jerk: whoa mama, this is good jerk!
110. Bokit’la: French Caribbean fusion fried sandwiches.

South American street food in London

Street food
Petare. Photo: @fitwaffle

111. Arepazo Bros: arepas (cornbread stuffed with meat, cheese, and guac) are your new food obsession.
112. Maize Blaize: Colombian street food with a lunch offering that’ll fill you right up.
113. Los Pibes: Argentinian steakhouse hiding in Mercato Metropolitano.
114. Petare: no fewer than four markets across the capital host this Venezuelan outlet.
115. Porteña: sweet treats and empanadas from this Argentinian bakery.
116. Ticos: Brazilliant hot dogs topped with inventive additions.
117. Guasacaca: arepas are the main draw, but the cassava fries are a hidden gem.

Mighty meaty street food in London

Street food
Photo: @saltshed

118. The Beefsteaks: sous-vide steak sandwiches topped with onion jam and your choice of sauce.
119. Stakehaus: revered steak and chips maestros whom you’ll find all over town.
120. Prairie Fire BBQ: Kansas City-style barbecue, with a killer brisket.
121. Salt Shed: these guys know their way around a grill – the salt beef short ribs are unforgettable!
122. The Lambassadors: lamb in all shapes and sizes from this punderful place.
123. Highlander Game: metre-long sausages to quell your hunger.

Street food
Truffle. Photo: @kingken_photography

124. Gourmet Goat: billies and kids, in the form of koftas, salads, and stews.
125. Street Pig BBQ: the place for ravishing ribs, glazed multiple times in BBQ sauce.
126. Truffle: dedicated to beef and truffles – the beef shin nuggets are a real hit.
127. The Rib Man: ribs in rolls, wraps, or racks. Don’t forget the famous Holy F*ck sauce!
128. Up In My Grill: British produce meets Argentine flavours – finished with chips, of course.

European street food in London

Street food
Growlers. Photo: @scottcaneat

129. Growlers: Portuguese prego slingers who encourage you to “eat like an animal”.
130. The Athenian: seriously tasty souvlaki slowly taking over town.
131. The Frenchie: famed for the duck confit burger and truffle mayo.
132. Scotchtails: deliciously inventive Scotch eggs with sides.
133. Grilling Greek: this roaming food truck will give you a nice Grecian hit.

Street food
Photo: @yorksburrito

134. The Polish Deli: traditional Polish delicacies served across three spots.
135. Canard: dirty delicious French food with an emphasis on duck.
136. Kalimera: pitta wraps and boxes from the master of “extra virgin Greek food”.
137. Yorkshire Burrito: right and proper Sunday roasts, wrapped up in a giant Yorkshire pud.

African street food in London

Street food
Photo: @lemlemkitchen

138. The Curry Shack: curries from all over, but the Mauritian curry is the top dog here.
139. Lem Lem Kitchen: Afro-tacos are the main draw at this Eritrean eatery.
140. Ethiopian Flavours: spicy, buttery, veggie, or meaty – they’ve got you covered.

Sweet street food in London

Street food
BluTop. Photo: @emmahitsthespot

141. You Doughnut: artisan, bite-sized doughnuts you won’t be able to put down.
142. Nonna’s Gelato: gelato just like nonna used to make (if nonna made lemon and rosemary sorbet)
143. Lava Bar: melt-in-the-middle puds topped with ice cream from the You Doughnut team.
144. BluTop: ice cream served between cookies – one look at the menu and I’m drooling…
145. SE Cakery: cakes and brownies and all around sugar comas.

Street food
A Pie Party. Photo: @thepattymaster

146. A Pie Party: downright dirty pies in flavours like Biscoff Brownie and Cookies and Cream.
147. Greedy Goat: super smooth goat’s milk ice cream.
148. Bad Brownie: sinfully superb brownies, find them all over town.
149. Soft Serve Society: delicious scoops of ice cream topped with indulgence, or whizzed into a freakshake.
150. Galeta: come for the pasteis de nata, stay for the salted caramel brownies.

Find these delicious street food traders across London’s array of marvellous food markets.

In case you were wondering what the criteria for this list was, each place must have a) no more than one bricks and mortar location, and b) delicious food. Obviously.

Featured image: @ks_ate_here