A Stunning New Bar And Street Food Hub Has Opened At London’s Covered Rooftop Garden • Pergola On The Wharf

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pergola on the wharf

Pergola on the Wharf is finally here!

Pergola may have got our hopes wildly too high with their little April Fool’s joke – having unveiled plans for a giant peach floating next to Battersea pier, which would have featured a roof terrace, swim-up bar, and wave pool – but they are in fact making good on their promise of opening a new venue this year. Pergola on the Wharf is located at the gorgeous Crossrail Place Roof Garden in Canary Wharf, and whilst it lacks the sheer wow factor of a giant floating peach, they’ve got something good going here.

Pergola on the Wharf takes over the space previously home to street food market Giant Robot, and remains true to the spot’s foodie heritage. Food pop-ups from some of the capital’s best-loved vendors are expected to feature here, and they’ve also launched their own food offering, which is being overseen by Nick Wyborn, formerly the Executive Chef at Mac and Wild. The menu will be highly seasonal, and takes inspiration from the earth, land, and sea to provide fresh and exciting plates.

The site is also home to three bars, and Pergola have lined up some nifty partnerships with breweries, distillers, and wine merchants for their libations. That’s to say nothing of the events they’ve got planned, which are rumoured to include weekend festivals, themed brunch parties, DJ sets, and live music performances.


Oh, and I’ve not even mentioned the décor yet! Pergola on the Wharf has been designed as a “botanical waterside Eden”, which sounds perfect if you like your summer hangouts to be winningly prelapsarian. Bathed in natural light from the floor to ceiling windows, the indoor space is filled with flora, vines, and ferns (all that food and drink surely takes care of the temptation you’ll face here). Meanwhile, their expansive terrace wraps around the eastern end of Crossrail Place, to give visitors views of the docks, and hopefully the sunsets too. In winter, this place will be heated, allowing us to enjoy the al fresco life all year round.

After an initial burst of bank holiday fun, Pergola on the Wharf has officially opened for business, and you can keep up with all the fun goings on by heading to their website.

Speaking of Pergola, have you tried their glorious Paddington venue yet?

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