A Historic Hackney Wick Graffiti Pub Has Returned After 26 Years And Is Now Open • Lord Napier And Star

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A Historic Hackney Wick Graffiti Pub Has Returned After 26 Years And Is Now Open • Lord Napier And Star

The mythical Lord Napier pub has a reopening date!

26 years ago, the legendary Lord Napier pub served its final (legal) drink at its infamous graffiti building. Now, the unmissable building has reopened under the moniker Lord Napier and Star.

Serving up fine food and cocktails, the glowed-up (ish) spot will nod to it’s former graffiti and musical heritage with the curated nights served up on a dancefloor platter.

As well as the classic ‘Star’ pub vibes, the Lord Napier and Star boasts an 80-seater rooftop offering dazzling panoramic views out over Hackney Wick. Plus, the two first floor function rooms are to be offered for guests to book private parties, meetings and gatherings. KraPow have control over the food menu, so you can expect a punch of Thai flavours to come your way.

The music across the venue follows the influence of other Star pubs across the capital, with heavy doses of old school R&B, soul, funk, disco, and house classics. Plans are also in motion for a team of artists, led by the original painter, to update the outside graffiti while keeping the strong connection to the building’s roots.

All sounds at the venue are to be programmed by Tom Grainger from Earth Agency, with a high end sound system and 12am (weekdays) and 1am (weekends) licenses for dancing through the night. Opening weekend acts include A Guy Called Gerald, Theo Kotis and Lemmy Ashton and schedules, which include old school pub discos as well as special guest nights, are due to be rolled out.

Rob Star, founder of Star’s Electric Pubs Group says: “I used to go to parties at The Lord Napier in the early 2000’s and for many years it has been my dream to turn it back into a proper boozer.

“I have been working with landlord Stewart Schwartz for over 6 years to turn that dream into a reality and sometimes I still can’t quite believe it’s actually happening.

“It’s the only pub in Hackney Wick, so I will be making sure that it appeals to as many people in the community as possible. It will also be my local, as I only live a stone’s throw away, so it needs to be extra special”

Lord Napier and Star will be open every day from 12pm until late. Find more information here

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