Yep, Domino’s Do A Chocolate Pizza Now

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Dominos Chocolate Pizza

Do you love pizza? How about… chocolate? Then we’re here with some good news!

Pizza delivery titans Domino’s have just added the Lotta Chocca pizza to their menu. Clocking in at a snackable six inches (proportioned more like their garlic pizza bread side than one of their mighty 13″ mains, I’m afraid) it takes their usual dough base and then slathers melted milk chocolate on the top. It’s a wonder it took them this long, to be quite honest.

Size aside, I can tell you it’s 816 calories, even if Domino’s optimistically suggest sharing it between four people, to which I can only say: get your own damn chocolate pizza, this one is mine.

Since launching at Domono’s nationwide, their new treat has been spotted in the wild on Instagram, and feedback is pretty positive.

‘This was lush ??’ says Laura Murphy:

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Marco says: ‘It tastes like a delicous pain au chocolat but with the texture of a pizza bread and much more creamy chocolate. The base is covered in magic dust and there’s so much choc 10/10’

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Wanna try it? Order one from dominos.co.uk.

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