27 Brilliant Things To Do In London On Your Birthday

Holly Platt-Higgins Holly Platt-Higgins

27 Brilliant Things To Do In London On Your Birthday

Whoever you are, however you like to celebrate, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re in denial about hitting that dirty thirty or elated about finally turning the big two-one, we’ve compiled a list of all the hottest things happening in the city, to help you celebrate your birthday. From massages to master classes, cocktails to the very best cuisine, welcome to the holy grail of many happy returns.

🥂 Brunch

A true cornerstone in millennials’ lives nowadays, the weekend is rarely complete without a generous serving of Eggs Benedict and a spicy Bloody Mary. If you, like most people, are truly a loyal lover of brunch, then here are the best places to head on your big day.

1. Drag your friends to brunch

If you’re hoping to get your hands on something a little bit outrageous for your birthday then this drag brunch should do the trick. Join Drag Idol winners Jimmy Lavender and Felix Le Freak for some fierce performances, cackle-worthy comedy and, of course, an abundance of food and drink. Book your tickets here!

 2. Get boozy at a bottomless brunch

Considering it’s your birthday, you can get completely sloshed pre 1pm and absolutely nobody can bat an eyelid. Here to help you do just that is our whacking great list of the booziest brunches to be found in the capital. Enjoy!

3. Or ooze class on this bottomless brunch cruise

Why not go extra big with this boujee boat trip on the Thames? It is your birthday after all. Admire all of London’s riverside landmarks as a live DJ provides the soundtrack and you tuck into the endless array of pancakes, pastries and breakfast bits on offer. Yum. Book here!

🍹 Cocktails

If knocking back a few fruity numbers and getting the perfect boomerang for your story are top priorities for your big day, step this way because we know where to find all of the best cocktails in the city.

4. Get two cocktails for £12 at the Looking Glass

This swanky cocktail club in Shoreditch is home to an industrial yet vintage space and, most importantly, some delicious drinks. Serving up two for £12, how could you say no to this total birthday bargain? Book now.

5. Drink cocktails and play retro games!

If you slightly resent having to actually leave the house and do something on your birthday, then Platform’s cocktails and controller experience is for you (although you do have to leave the house to get there). Waste away the day playing an array of classic games—on all the latest consoles—and knock back a few cocktails while you’re at it. Book now!

6. Head to a lovely library bar

If you fancy something cosy and a little bit sophisticated for your birthday drink, then why not head to one of London’s rather lovely library bars? Luxurious, warm and endlessly inviting these places are perfect if you’re hoping to have a quiet one and just curl up with a glass of something delicious.

🎶 Entertainment

If you’re looking for something to really help mark the occasion, then we have you covered — entertainment is a strong point of ours.

7. Have a laugh on the Thames

If you’re looking for a laugh on your birthday then you need to get yourself down to Comedy on the Thames. With some seriously impressive comic talent on offer, we can promise you a whole load of belly aches and beautiful riverside views on this comedy cruise. Book tickets!

8. Head to the House of Burlesque

Escape the reality of old age with this fierce and fabulous burlesque evening. Here the roaring 1920s meet the tumultuous 2020s and the result is rather wonderful. Immersive, indulgent and utterly decadent, this evening offers the best of burlesque, led by queen of provocateurs Tempest Rose. It’s sure to be a birthday you’ll never forget. Book here!

9. Celebrate by seeing one of your favourite bands

Whether you’re keen for a classical candlelit concert or hearing the heroes of Hip Hop, our massive gig guide has you covered. Spend your birthday singing your heart out and watching some of the very best in the business. See who’s playing on your special day here!

🚂 Travel

For those of you who have caught the travelling bug and never quite managed to recover, here are some suggestions for your birthday celebrations.

10. Take an eco-friendly city break

Get away from the hustle and bustle for a few days and enjoy your birthday somewhere a little bit greener than the Big Smoke. And hey, why not keep Greta happy by making it an eco-friendly trip? With such pretty places just a train ride away, quite frankly it’s just a win win all round. Discover your next city break here.

11. Slink off to Sweden

If meatballs alone aren’t enough to entice you to Sweden for your bday bash, then how about this gorgeous floating spa hotel? Sitting under the Northern Lights and providing guests with a ridiculously indulgent experience, we wouldn’t exactly say this is ‘getting back to nature.’ But what the heck, it’s your birthday — might as well treat yourself! Read all about it.

12. Pop to a picture-perfect village 

These picturesque villages may seem like they’ve been snatched from a fairytale, but they’re actually much closer to London than you might think. Less than two hours away, you can have a leisurely bday lie in and still get there in time for a celebratory lunch! Read more.  

💫 Immersive Experiences

Some people like to go all out, and their birthday is an excuse to do just that. If you’re hoping for the biggest and the best, the bizarre and the brilliant, then you’ve come to the right place.

13. Travel back to the twenties

Escape the reality of however old you’re turning and be transported back to the glamour of the early 20th century instead. Indulge in drinks at the Seven Sins platform bar, hop on board the train and enjoy a delicious four-course menu created by MasterChef finalist Louisa Ellis. Not a bad way to spend your birthday, eh? Book here!

14. Work your brain at one of London’s most puzzling escape rooms

If you love nothing more than to train your brain, then we are gifting you with a range of rather tricky escape rooms for your birthday. Try your hand at solving murder mysteries, escaping psycho-killers or casting spells, and find out if you really do get wiser with age. Choose from our favourites here.

15. Experience the bar behind bars

If you’re known for getting into trouble on your birthday, then Alcotraz might be the place for you. This theatrical prison-themed cocktail bar has everything from the orange jumpsuits to the real metallic cells. Smuggle liquor past the guards to create your birthday concoction and tell your friends you spent your birthday behind bars. Book now.

🧁 Afternoon Tea

Considering birthdays are basically all about cake anyway, afternoon tea seems like a very appropriate choice when it comes to finding the perfect way to celebrate in the city.

16. Enter an enchanted woodland

Safely nestled in the greenery of Victoria Park, celebrate your special day with a quintessential English pastime. Spend your birthday being as sophisticated—or debauched—as you fancy with this enchanting afternoon tea.  Book here.

17. Celebrate your birthday on a vintage Routemaster

B Bakery is offering Afternoon Tea with a side of sightseeing on this amazing bus tour. Sure to spruce up a boring birthday, hop onto the vintage Routemaster buses, whizz about the capital and scoff a bunch of scrummy sarnies and delicious diddy bites. Book here.

18. Go somewhere pretty for tea and cake

If you’re hoping to snap some pretty sweet pics and stuff your face with pretty sweet treats, all at the same time, then our list of London’s loveliest afternoon teas is sure to help you plan the ideal birthday celebration. Choose your favourite.

🎨 Masterclasses

For both the talented and the utterly useless, here are a load of amazing activities to try. See if you can master a skill on your special day!

19. Create a masterpiece

Even if you failed GCSE Art, this class is an opportunity to embrace your creative side and frankly have total laugh. Take your pals, get stuck in, and probably receive a bunch of really bad paintings as birthday gifts. Book here.

20. Master the art of doughnut making

I mean, really, what better way to celebrate your birthday than with all you can eat doughnuts? In this two hour hands-on class, you will be making your very own miniature doughnuts and be able to munch as many as you like in the process. Sounds pretty jammy to me. Book here!

21. Create a brilliant birthday concoction

Instead of mixing flat coke and supermarket vodka on your birthday, why not make it a little more boujee? At DUO, you can learn how to shake, muddle and mix your very own cocktails. Picture-perfect and far tastier than anything you could make unsupervised, it’s a great way to start your bday bash. Book now.

🛀 Spas

Because, quite frankly, it’s your birthday and you deserve it.

22. Relax and unwind with a day spa pass

If you’re looking for a sophisticated spa session to help you enjoy your big day then this is it. Complete with everything you need to relax and rejuvenate—we’re talking saunas and steam rooms—why not really treat yourself this year? Book your spot now.

23. Bathe in wine at London’s first wine spa

I mean, wine not? It’s your birthday and this does technically count as doing something special, so why not take the plunge? Great for your skin and even better for a good story, who knew that therapy didn’t always mean drinking wine? Read all about it.

24. Hop in the tub and float along London’s waterways

Birthday bathThis year, celebrate in style by hopping in an electric hot tub boat and cruising along London’s waterways with beers and bubbly. Self-driving, BYOB and a cosy 38 degrees, this really is a birthday bath like no other! Book here.

🍴 Dinner

If you’re a bit of a foodie and, to you, nothing says celebrating like a plate of really good grub, then we are coming in hard and fast with the answer to all of you party planning prayers.

25. Enjoy a floating dinner with a view

Because it’s your birthday, plain old dinner might not cut it, so you might need something a little more extravagant for the occasion. Enter: dining on the Thames. Enjoy an incredible dining experience, complete with wonderful views of London, and embark on a truly magical journey. Book here.

26. Go big or go dome!

Get cosy in one of London’s secret gardens and celebrate your birthday wining and dining in the comfort of your very own dome. Offering the ultimate atmospheric space, a great place to entertain and plenty of delicious food, they’re ideal for a birthday bash! Book here.

27. Hit one of London’s top 250 restaurants

It’s your birthday, so you truly deserve the best of the best. Pick literally any of our top 250 restaurants to eat at and we promise you’ll have a fabulous time. Whether you fancy pizza or Pad Thai, we know all of the hottest spots to satisfy your every craving. Choose your favourite.

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