You Won’t Believe What London’s New Sky Scraper Is Called!

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Plans to build London’s newest sky scraper have been approved by city planners this week meaning that The Trellis also known as 1 Undershaft, (yes that is UNDER SHAFT!!!), will soon begin construction. Earlier this year, we told you about London’s dick-and-balls shaped sky scraper and it seems as though city planners are sticking with the male genitalia theme here with the glorious naming of 1 Undershaft. It is rectangular in shape set to become the second tallest sky scraper in western Europe, only about 5 meters shorter than The Shard.

[Eric Parry Architects]
Once completed, the sky scraper is going to be 304.94 metres tall and will have a free public viewing gallery at the top. We wonder if they’ll call the viewing gallery ‘The Bellend’ – it is located at the tip of the Shaft after all!


Feature Image: [Eric Parry Architects]

Annabel Usher

Annabel Usher

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