You Can Now Get Vegan Poutine Delivered To Your Door

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You Can Now Get Vegan Poutine Delivered To Your Door

Poutine is a delicious combination of chips, cheese and gravy and if you didn’t know about it before then you’d better get to know.

“That doesn’t sound very vegan?”, I hear you cry.

And to that I reply, “You are absolutely right”, and admit that this was all a big lie. Article over.


Only joshing! We wouldn’t dare to give vegans such false hope! by CHLOE., New York’s hottest vegan cafe that has just opened its first UK restaurant in Covent Garden, has miraculously made a vegan version of the popular Canadian dish,  swapping cheese curds for cashew mozzarella and gravy for house-made chipotle aioli. The fries will be air baked (choose between regular and sweet potatoes) and topped with spicy seitan “chorizo”. Y. U. M. (I think?)

Apparently Meghan Markle, aka Prince Harry’s lucky fiancé, is a big fan of poutine and also a big fan of by CHLOE. In my eyes, they’re two totally contradicting things, but they’ve somehow made the combo work. The power of royalty, eh?

Starting today, Monday 23 April, all of by CHLOE.’s 100% vegan menu is available for delivery through Deliveroo – so you don’t even have to leave your bed to try this curious new dish. It’s available until Saturday 19 May, which just so happens to be the day of the royal wedding.

by CHLOE. 

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