Enter The World Of Espionage At This Exclusive Film Night

Red Sparrow Red Sparrow

Red Sparrow

A night of intrigue awaits at this free screening of Red Sparrow.

Life in London is many things, but it’s very rarely dull. You know, what with the nightlife, the culture, and the tube strikes. However, if you’re looking for a little more drama in your life, we’ve got the perfect event for you. An exclusive screening of the action-packed spy thriller Red Sparrow is taking place in the capital on July 5th, and we’ve put you on the guestlist. No need to break out your espionage skills just yet.Red Sparrow

This highly-guarded, top-secret screening is being hosted to celebrate the release of Red Sparrow on Digital Download 25th June and Blu-ray and DVD 9th July. You, as an international person of mystery, have been invited to come along for free. Probably because you’re suave, interesting, and know how to blend in to any situation.Red Sparrow

Once inside, you’ll have a nice simple mission: grab a free drink and make small talk before the event begins. Much easier than trying to destabilise a global superpower, right? Before the film, you’ll witness a discussion with special guest Annie Machon, a former intelligence operative who spent years working for MI5. She’ll be lifting the lid on what really goes on inside the intelligence agencies of the UK, and telling incredible stories from her time in the service.Red Sparrow

Listening to Annie’s talk is the perfect preparation for the main event: a riveting screening of Red Sparrow. Jennifer Lawrence stars as a ballerina-turned-spy, caught in a conflict between two nations. This action-packed thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout, and thanks to your new-found knowledge of secret operations, you’ll follow the story with a whole new understanding. Now that you’ve been fully briefed, grab your tickets here and prepare for your mission to begin.

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