17 Christmas Gifts That Are Pawfect For Any Dog Lovers In Your Life

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17 Christmas Gifts That Are Pawfect For Any Dog Lovers In Your Life

We’ve sniffed out the best Christmas gifts for dog lovers and parents.

We all know someone who is totally obsessed with dogs. The kind of person who will stop mid-sentence to tell you that there’s a dog across the road, or move further up the train carriage to be closer to that little tiny blue Frenchie with the adorable mustard lead and the cute lil paws that you just want to squeeeeze. Okay, yes, this is me IRL. Can you tell?

Anyway, here are the pawfect Christmas gifts for the very special dog lover in your life. Wrap ’em pup nicely.

1. A scarily realistic cuddly clone of their dog

? by @thebrokedog
? by @thebrokedog

Cuddle Clones make all sorts of copies of peoples’ pets — from cuddly toys, slippers, earrings, and more — and they’re all based on photos you provide. Find out exactly what they can do over on their website.

2. This adorable print!


This funny and adorable print has been designed by the fabulous Faye Finney. It’s A4 and printed onto 300gsm white watercolour board. I say sod giving this as a present and buy it for yourself. You’ll find it here for £12.

3. Literally any of the WeRateDogs merch


If you’ve been following @dog_rates on Twitter over the years then you’ll understand why these are all good gifts, Brent. Give any of these to a dog lover and it will mean they won’t have to keep telling people how they feel about dogs, because it will literally be written all over them. (They’ll tell people anyway, of course.) Check it all out here.

4. This banner that says it better than you ever could

dogs welcome people tolerated

You know you know someone who needs this on their front door. You can buy it here. (I tried to find a door mat, but shipping alone was over £50 – please let me know if you find one.)

5. These extremely accurate pillows


If you’ve ever shared a bed with a dog, you’ll know this to be true. The pillowcases are made from luxury Egyptian cotton and there’s even an option to personalise them and add the names of dog and owner, if you like. Find them on Not On The High Street here.

6. The power to read dogs’ minds


Okay, it’s more just a book on canine psychology – but it’ll mean that you can basically read dogs’ minds. This best-selling book by John Fisher is a dog-lover’s bible. Find it here.

7. A photoshoot for a dog lover and their pup


There are only so many selfies you can take with a dog, and only so many times you can trick them by putting treats next to the lens. Give the gift of a professional photo shoot, so its recipient can get enough photos to start/update their dog’s Instagram profile (you know they’ve thought about it). It’s only £30 and there are dozens of locations across the country – purchase an E-Voucher here.

8. A book that’s literally just filled with good boys catching treats

? by @vieler.photography
? by @vieler.photography

You know it’s the perfect coffee table book, and as if you need any more persuasion other than the fact that you want to read it. Get it now and give it a sneaky read before wrapping it up for someone else – just be careful not to crease the pages. Find it on Amazon here.

9. This gorgeous sausage dog print duo


It’s the second best addition to any home. (The best being an actual Dachshund, obviously.) Get the pair for £24.99.

10. Your dog’s face on your pyjamas


You have to admit, this is kinda cute. Shop the selection here.

11. Your dog’s face and your face on your pyjamas

Creepy as hell, but some people might be into it.

Okay, this one’s mostly creepy, but some people might be into it. Get the look here.

12. Matching pyjamas for you and your dog


Aaaand we’re back to cute. Every dog owner is in need of this matchy matchy situ. Browse the range at Herbert & Homer.

13. Your dog’s face on a t-shirt


More doggo-dominated clothing, because you know you love it – or, more importantly, you know you know someone who would love it. This tee comes in various shapes and styles – shop the range here.

14. Your dog’s face on a cushion


Now here’s something dog lovers didn’t even know they needed. A cushion with their little fren’s face on it. It’s £30 and you can buy it here.

15. Your dog’s face on a beach towel


Here we go again with the essential dog-faced items. I don’t even have to explain to why every dog lover needs this; they just do. Buy it here.

16. A necklace with an engraving of your pup


This is a really lovely gift if you’re looking for something with a personal touch. Just send off a pic of their pup, choose a little message, and voilà – something they can keep close to their heart.

17. This punny t-shirt


If you can look at this t-shirt without getting Journey stuck in your head then, seriously, kudos to you. Go on, give someone the gift of punnery this Christmas. Find it here.

After more inspiration?

? by @mrbsproperwalks
? by @mrbsproperwalks

Head to A Doggy Style Christmas Market on Sunday, December 9. Based at 26 Leake Street, this indoor doggy market is the largest of its kind. Full of dog-friendly goodies, from doggy burgers, beers and ice-cream, to pup-inspired jewellery and activity monitors, it’ll have hounds howling for more. It’s also important to mention that dogs are welcome – so there’ll be plenty of petting opportunities. It’s a ticketed event (£4 in advance or £5 on the door), but all proceeds go to animal charity All Dogs Matter. Which they do.




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