The Amazing Asian Tapas Restaurant With Seriously Instagrammable Walls • OSH

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The Amazing Asian Tapas Restaurant With Seriously Instagrammable Walls • OSH

There’s a new restaurant on the block and it’s bringing something very different to the city.

Osh, the newest restaurant in Knightsbridge, is like nowhere you’ve ever been before and, in a city with an overwhelming amount of choice when it comes to food, it’s exactly what we needed. 

‘Osh’ sounds a bit like the sound a person might make if they’d just watched somebody getting kicked in the balls. You know, like they were going to shout Oh shit! but realised—just in time—that they were actually on live television, pre-watershed. It’s also the exact same sound you’d make if you were biting into Osh’s tempura prawns. Not because eating their prawns is comparable to being kicked in the balls, but because you’ll be shouting Osh- they taste INCREDIBLE! and I like to think that that’s exactly how they named the restaurant.

Chicken Shashlik with Ginger & Tomato
Chicken Shashlik with Ginger & Tomato

Let’s start with their epic selection of cocktails – a list so long it would take you the whole night to read it. We tried our fair share of these but our favourites were, without doubt, the Streets of Osh and the Bazaar Affair. Both had tropical vibes without being too sweet, so they slipped very nicely into a never-before-filled gap in my cocktail repertoire. (I also got to use a stick of lemongrass as a straw and, with all the beef regarding straws at the moment, you could say it’s a very commendable drink.)

Cocktails from left to right: Streets of Osh and the Northern Light

The food is inspired by Central Asian cuisine or, to describe it using a quote from their website, the “gastronomical intersection between the Middle East and Eastern Europe”. Kick things off with some extraordinary starters, including Pickled Asian Cherry Tomatoes (trust me, these aren’t just any tomatoes), a pleasantly surprising Aubergine Tartare and those oh-shit-they’re-excellent Tiger Prawns.

OSH Crispy Aubergine soft cheese & coriander dressing
Warm Aubergine Salad

The main courses deserve another mighty Oosh! as we were served some amazing Uzbekistan-style plates. We were particularly wowed by their Lamb Chops and the Warm Aubergine Salad with a cream cheese and coriander dressing.

Food aside, the restaurant boasts some fantastic interiors, and our feature would not be complete without a mention of the seriously Instagrammable wall up in the restaurant. (Please note: stripy shirts are recommended for peak Instagrammability.)

In this case, my stripes were just a happy coincidence (@georgiehoole).

All in all, if you’re after something new and unique, Osh is definitely a good place to go.

Where: 14-15, Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge, SW3 1NQ. Nearest station is Knightsbridge. Find it on Google Maps.
Opening times: 12pm–12am, Monday to Friday.
Price: Small plates (made to be shared, tapas style) cost between £7.50–£20.
More information: head to their website.

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