This Little App Will Make Your 2018 Literally Unforgettable

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

One Second Everyday App

Have a year to remember, with the One Second Everyday app.

2017 – where did the year go, right? While our febrile political times make 2016 feel like a lifetime ago, it somehow also flew past WAY too fast.

That’s why I wanted to tell you about 1SE, a neat app for iOS and Android that I used for the first time this year! It might just make a little-yet-lovely difference to your life.

The concept is simple: each day you try to record a second-long video on your phone. (The app helpfully lets you capture a second-long clip from a longer shot!) Then, the app seamlessly stitches them together, to create a short video of your month, season or year. The results are pretty cute!

(You can also stitch together extra one-second videos in any order or at any pace you want: for instance, you can use the tool to make little videos of holidays or wedding or whatever. Also useful!)

In any case, as you reach the end of 2018, and you’re left with the nagging question ‘what even HAPPENED this year?’, then the 1SE app will be able to remind you via a charming six-minute video. (It might be rather shorter than that, if you’re as forgetful as me!) It can help you experience the city with fresh eyes, as you look out for those picturesque moments that deserve to be included – especially on the inevitable days (or weeks!) where nothing too exciting is happening. And more than once, it’s encouraged me to actually go out and try something when I might otherwise have not, just ‘for the second’, as it were. And in a world where we’re all about the instant sharing content of social media, it’s nice to slowly create something that goes unshared…

…although obviously, I’m going to social the shit out of my video once I’m done. I’m not an idiot!

Download the One Second Everyday app from their website.

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