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7 Sneaky Life Hacks That Will Help You Totally Win At London Life

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

7 Sneaky Life Hacks That Will Help You Totally Win At London Life

Live in London? Wanna be in the know and save a bit of dough at the same time? Sick of getting off at the end of the Central Line when the Victoria exit is on the OPPOSITE SIDE?? You need this list.



[Rhyme And Ribbons]
Be it Camden, Borough or any other foody market, there is a free meal waiting for you! Samples are given out left, right and centre, and there is no reason why you can’t go around them all…or around the same one twice (three/four times…) and create a full meal. Just maybe change your accent or your hair so they don’t clock on. Mwuahaha.


2. Walk this way.

Walking, schmalking some of you may say, ‘Aint nobody got time for that’. But as it turns out, it’s often QUICKER than taking the tube. And cheaper obvs. Unless you stop off at the pub on the way, which is always a temptation…


3. Go for a FREE WEE at King’s Cross.

Screw you f*ckers. [Giphy]
30p to go for a pee?! ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH? That’s at least 90p down the toilet (lol). The first class lounge has toilets that you don’t have to pay for and it’s outside the lounge itself so no ticket checking (and no toilet police as far as we know…although we wouldn’t put it past them).


4.  Get the Fever App.

[Six Moment]
A FREE app that selects the best quality events in London, lets you buy tickets for them then and there AND at the best rates ever?? It’s a no-brainer. Brb, installing now.


5. Use a bell (or a horn if you’re feeling mean) to overtake those slow coaches.

“Outta my way punks!” [Reddit]
Surreptitiously ‘dinging’ (or honking) works wonders for getting those snail-paced natterers out of the way. Keeping a bike bell on you may just change your life. VICTORY! (Cue evil laughter again ?)


6. Become a tube mastermind.

[That Darn Kat]
Sounds obvious, but there are so many tube hacks (look up Station Master) that are overlooked by us busy-body commuters. Swift exits are mandatory when you’re saving a whole 30 seconds bitches.


7. Get some free entertainment….at the Crown Court.

‘Ruff ruff ruff, ruff, ruff ruff…’ [Imgur]
Seriously. Perhaps sliiigghttllyy morbid, but the public can in fact watch some fascinating (and high profile) court hearings for absolutely nothing!! Who knew?! *OBJECTION YOUR HONOUR* (we’ve always wanted to do that…)


Featured Image Credit: ijcthephotographer, tumblr