This Interactive Map Shows You London’s Best Street Food Markets

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Feeling peckish for some good ol’ street grub?

Obviously, living in the digital age, your hunger can be quickly bated with the help of a trusty app/website. And thankfully the internet has got another resource you can feast your hungry eyes upon. Courtesy of Expedia, Londoners can now explore London’s street food markets via an interactive map. You can filter through the best of London’s street food based on time and your location (heaven forbid you have to walk around and find anything on foot).

[Netil Market]
From long-running markets, like Old Spitalfields, to the newly revamped markets, like KERB in Camden, you can explore the best of London’s street feasting, check opening times and get recommendations from London foodies. Check out the map here.

Speaking of maps, have you seen this adorable illustrated map of London?

Georgie Jones

Georgie Jones

After graduating, Georgie decided to drastically break the mould and moved to Clapham, where she quickly picked up an Australian accent. She loves bloody Marys, small plates and dogs and strives not to be a walking cliché - so goes running instead.