Alcohol Is The Solution At This Immersive Molecular Cocktail Experience

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Alcohol Is The Solution At This Immersive Molecular Cocktail Experience

From the brilliant, bonkers team behind the Bletchley and the Bunyadi (that restaurant where everyone eats in the nude), this immersive cocktail experience gives you the opportunity to get your hands dirty with a bit of boozy DIY.

Think back to the childish excitement of your year 9 science practicals, when you’d get all kitted out in white lab coats and plastic goggles and play with bunsen burners (very responsibly, of course). Now, thanks to the team at ABQ, rather than mixing baking powder with vinegar, you’re mixing nitrogen with gin. Oh, and the white lab coats are swapped for yellow hazmat suits. Because that just makes things more interesting, we suppose.


The bar, which is based in a motorhome in east London (because of course it is), launched on a temporary basis way back in July 2015 and had 42,000 people fighting over tickets. Now it’s here on a permanent basis, and the experience is even more Alfred Noble-esque than ever. BOOM ?

Pop on your lab gear and follow special instructions to make two cocktails using real molecular mixology techniques. In the manual you’ll find a step by step guide to making the cocktails, which are filled with various unique ingredients that you wouldn’t find in any ordinary bar, including pink peppercorn hydrosol air and cinnamon-infused dry ice.


Previous “chemists” have been seriously impressed by the attention to detail that has been put in to make it a truly authentic and unique experience. £30 gets you 2 hours in the van, and includes the creation of two cocktails and the drinking of three (plus a bloody great experience that you’ll be banging on about for years).

Click here to get your tickets via Fever.

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