Science Has Revealed London’s Hottest Underground Line

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Fact: Londoners love summer but hate the boiling hot commutes that come with it.

Being crammed in like a sardine, sweating your face off and ruining that new t-shirt you love really are the downfalls of summer in the capital.

But have you ever wondered just how hot these travelling tin cans get?

Well, the lovely people over at Gizmodo have uncovered all the steamy details via some newly released data from Transport For London. Taken in 2016, the hottest recorded temperature reading was a roasting 31.04 degrees in August on the Bakerloo line.

The Bakerloo line may come as a surprise to those of us that brave the Central line rush hour but the trusty red line came in second with a scorching 30.47 degrees in the same month.

And which line came out the coolest? Well the subsurface lines of Circle, Hammersmith & City, District and Metropolitan all came out with the lowest temperature readings. Their highest reading was only 25 degrees which sounds like ice-cold bliss in comparison.

This is probably because many of the SSL trains are using that futuristic contraption of air conditioning. Something that TfL hasn’t quite figured for the other deeper lines…

We always knew it was going to be a sweat-filled summer Underground, but at least now you can try to avoid the Bakerloo line. See the full report from Gizmodo for more.

Feature Image: Viktor Forgacs.

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