‘Hereditary’ Reviews That Also Describe Flat-Hunting In London

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Hereditary Film 2018 Trailer

‘Tantalizing, unsettling, and sometimes irritating.’

‘Something about this house just doesn’t feel right.’

‘Not conventionally good, so much as unconventionally horrible.’

‘Room after room, floor after floor… much of the time, it’s almost impossible to describe what is happening.’

‘An insidious blueprint: sinister forces operating just beyond the line of sight, conspiring in secret.’

‘Brought me to the edge of tears.’

‘Somehow giving off a creepy vibe, even as we’re just looking at furniture and light fixtures and a dining room table.’

‘Go on, take a look. Your inspection yields nothing but regret and terror.’

‘Creepy beyond belief.’

‘The horror lays in the creeping sense that free will is a joke.’

‘Trapped in another inexplicable, spine-tingling, seriously effed-up situation.’

‘Effectively building the foundation for the madhouse we’ll eventually occupy.’

‘An exquisitely crafted box of nightmares.’

‘Seems to be attacking rationality itself?’

‘Brilliantly sophisticated in its emotional terrorism.’

‘Makes you wonder if perhaps the social institutions surrounding us and the intricate practices of language, science, and literature aren’t just elaborate means of holding back fear of death and random misfortune.’

‘Raises the bar on emotional agony.’

‘When something horrible does happen, it’s usually far worse than whatever you envisioned.’

‘Like being wrung out, over and over, until there’s nothing left of you but the puddle of sweat you leave on the floor.

‘If you want to see things you can never un-see and feel pain you can never un-feel, here’s the ultimate test.’

‘When you pare away its demonic accoutrements, you’re left with the most intractably nightmarish arena of all: hearth and home.’

Hereditary is in cinemas now. Reviews via Metacritic.

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