Forecast: It’s Going To Be Hot Forever, Basically

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Is it a heatwave if it just… keeps on going?

London is set to bask in several more weeks of more-or-less unbroken hot weather, according to the latest forecasts. [Photo @yev78]

June was, by all accounts, a bobby dazzler: one of the driest on record in the south-east, and the fourth-hottest in the UK overall. The average daily high in June is just 21℃ – on Sunday, it was over 30℃.

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Even the oft-cagey Met Office are getting in on the action, predicting temperatures of 29+ into next weekend with such headlines as ‘There’s a heatwave on the way’, ‘High temperatures continue’, ‘Heatwave continues into July’ and, of course, ‘The heatwave continues.’

Although temperatures won’t be quite as hot as last week, they will continue to remain well above average and it will remain largely dry.

High pressure continues to dominate, although it does tend to weaken especially around the middle of the week and that will allow a few showers to develop. But as we go towards the end of the week another area of high pressure moves back in and this will help to keep things dry into next weekend.


And they’re not alone! BBC/MeteoGroup’s ten-day forecast shows temperatures of 27 – 30℃ every day between now and July 15, while Weather.com sees nearly unbroken sunshine over the same period.

AccuWeather’s ambitious 90-day forecast (?!) also predicts hot weather lasting into mid-July before, alas, reverting to the mean for the rest of summer.

Bad news, then, for peak-time commuters on the Central Line, but pretty good news for everyone else. Let the sunshine… continue!

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