Party Like A Greek God At This Deliciously Debauched Immersive Experience

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Divine Proportions

Indulge your desires with a trip to the mischievous Divine Proportions.

As dining experiences go, this one is simply divine. Deep in the Waterloo Vaults, a riotous dining experience is set to ensnare your senses and excite you, as dinner and a show gets a rather daring makeover. Divine Proportions tells the story of ancient Greek myths through food, music, and dance – with a rather provocative twist. Find your tickets here, and then prepare to enter the deliciously debauched world of your host, the god Dionysus.

As you’d expect from the god of wine, merriment, and mischief, Divine Proportions is an indulgent road trip through all things pleasurable. Your immersion into the bacchanal begins with a journey through intricately decorated rooms and tunnels, bringing you closer and closer to heaven on earth. Sufficiently titillated, the feast begins with five courses of rustic Mediterranean cuisine, themed around the myths of ancient Greece, which will no doubt satisfy your appetite. Your desires, meanwhile, will be catered for by the entertainment…

Divine Proportions
Photo: Lara Maysa

The likes of Persephone, Aphrodite, and Eros will descend from Mount Olympus, launching you into an unforgettably sensual cabaret experience. This is you cue to fall from heaven to hell, as Dionysus’ followers lead you into the underworld, where cocktails and revelry flow in equal measure until the night’s end. You’ll find yourself back in the real world, newly empowered to follow your desires and live life a little more provocatively. Not bad for a night’s work!

Divine Proportions
Photo: Lara Maysa

Divine Proportions is a night quite unlike any other, a thrilling blend of feast and fantasy that will enthral and enrich you. Budding gods and goddesses shouldn’t hesitate to pick up a ticket to this unique event. Because really, when else in life do you get to live like a god?

Featured image: Lara Maysa

Find tickets to Divine Proportions here.
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