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Break out the parallel turns at Chel-Ski.

If you missed ski season this year, you need only hop on the District line to find it. In the heart of Chelsea sits Chel-Ski, which, aside from the fantastic name, acts as the indoor playground for snowboarders, skiers, and anyone who is happiest on the slopes. It’s basically exactly like Verbier, but without the mountains. Oh, and one more thing: there isn’t any snow.

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I know, I know, but stay with me. Chel-Ski, perhaps wary of a) the cost, and b) the probability of punters lobbing snowballs at one another, operate rolling dry slopes for you to work on your turns. On the upside, that means there’s zero chance of avalanches, which is one less thing to worry about. What you do get is the chance to hop on the slope, adjust the incline depending on your ability, and whizz along like you’re chasing the Olympic downhill title. [Prefer ropes to slopes? Try the climbing centre Clip ‘n’ Climb next door!]

Photo: @chelski_sw6

What it lacks in powder, Chel-Ski makes up for in learning. Yes, that may be a slightly thin silver lining, but if you’re hoping to level up in a hurry, this place is perfect for you. They’ve got loads of instructors, and the class sizes are deliberately kept small to focus on individual teaching. Meanwhile, the centre also embraces the fitness side of skiing with a dedicated exercise class, known as Fit-Ski. Lots of legs and core involved in this one, folks.

Photo: @chelski_sw6

Cards on the table, no one is going to confuse Chelsea with the Alps. But at Chel-Ski, you’ll be able to get yourself ready for your next jaunt to the mountains. And if you’re still grumbling about the lack of snow, there’s one last bit of information for you. Chel-Ski boasts an alpine bar, which means you can still do the most important ski-adjacent activity: après skiing!

Location: 4 Sotheron Place, Fulham, SW6 2EJ. Nearest station is Fulham Broadway. See it on Google Maps.
Opening hours: 8am-10pm, seven days a week.
Price: A one hour session with an instructor is £39.95 (adult price).
More information: on their website.

Featured image: @chelski_sw6

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