Barking’s Set To Be The New ‘Barcelona On The Thames’ And We’re As Surprised As You Are

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London is full of regeneration projects but this is set to be the grandest one yet as developers are planning on transforming Barking’s Riverside to our very own slice of Barcelona.

We know, it sounds barking mad but Barking is set to be pumped full of money, houses and a swanky new Riverside scheme to get it looking like something out of a Spanish holiday brochure.

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The area itself used to be brimming with industrial employment opportunities including Ford motors and now, sees some of the cheapest London housing prices. Council leader Darren Rodwell boasts that “in this borough, you can get a three-bedroom house, 100ft garden, two cars on the front, still for under £300,000”. Well, we better pack our bags and move to Barking then.

[Barking Riverside]
Rodwell wants to make Barking a place for every Londoner and with more green space than any other borough in London, we can see the upside to moving this far east on the District line.

This so-called ‘Barcelona on the Thames’ will see 10,800 new homes being built as well as commercial spaces, restaurants, bars and cafés. It is set to be one of Europe’s biggest brownfield regeneration sites and has an impressive mile and a quarter of pure south-facing Thames bliss.

[Barking Riverside]
So hop onto the District or C2C line (it’s only 15 minutes away from Central London, don’t ya know) and make your way to London’s latest snazzy new neighbourhood that we could actually be able to afford. A project this big is going to take a bit of time but it’s been promised that 5000 new homes will have been built by 2020.

For more information, visit the Barking Riverside website.

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