Are These Clip-On Man Buns A Sign That London Has Officially Lost The Plot?

Lucy Bloxham Lucy Bloxham

Are These Clip-On Man Buns A Sign That London Has Officially Lost The Plot?

Welcome to ‘Fraud-itch’. Where the ponies (as in tails, not horses) become phoneys and posers become losers (shut up, just pronounce it ‘lowsers’ ok?) with Groupon’s new ‘Clip In Man Bun: For The Man Who Wears Many Hats And No Bun’ hair accessory. Admittedly this is an American nightmare, but we feel it’s so relatable over here in hipster-ville. Not sure whether to laugh or to cry? NEITHER ARE WE.

Thankfully, it appears that Groupon aren’t taking this new and TOTALLY RIDICULOUS fad too seriously, writing in item description: “This attachable—and, equally important, detachable—man bun lets you blend in with your surroundings, putting it on when you smell fair-trade coffee or hear a banjo, and taking it off when someone utters the word bro.” LOL! ?

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We mean, the advertisement on this outrageous (non)commodity is priceless – and the instructions are even better!

How To Wear It
  1. Comb your hair back toward the crown of your head, in a similar motion to lacquering a reclaimed-wood coffee table.
  2. Attach the man bun to your natural hair the way the lay public attached itself to Arcade Fire.
  3. Use bobby pins to secure the man bun, decide bobby pins are too mainstream, use antique paper clips instead.


So, sorry hipsters – looks like all that effort you put into growing you hair just to make the man bun possible has gone to waste…what. a. shame. 


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