33 Small Things That Will Put A Smile On Any Londoner’s Face

We may be stroppy and London life may sometimes get us down, but we’re actually a pretty easy bunch to please.


1. When you have more money than you thought on your Oyster card

2. And all the public transport is running on time

3. No delays/strikes/major inconveniences of life = pure bliss

4. Which means no running up and down stairs and getting that new shirt all sweaty…

5. …the one you managed to get in the sale #savvy

6. Knowing London so well that, if there were any delays, you’d be unphased anyway.

7. Having a train carriage all to yourself

8. …because that means you can sit absolutely anywhere

9. And avoid all the awkward eye contact from strangers

10. Spontaneous evenings out where you don’t have to queue

11. Generally not having to queue to get to any London station/toilet/cash machine/bar/any place anywhere in London


12. When the waiting time for a restaurant is less than 20 minutes

13. And when you’ve found one of those bars that you’ve only heard about in fairytales…

14. …where they do 2 for 1 drinks….

wine drinking
15. …that don’t just taste of soda water

16. When someone thinks you look approachable enough to ask for directions

17. And you actually think the directions you’re giving are right for once

18. When the Oyster card reader isn’t working on the bus…

19. And you get that beloved free ride

20. When you manage to cross the road alive…

21. …after only having 3 seconds left on the crossing sign

22. Bringing in lunch to work for more than 2 days in a row

23. And feeling like culinary royalty in the process

24. But then getting lazy and having to buy lunch again

25. And managing to get it for £6 or less #bargain

26. Shopping in Oxford Street midweek and actually enjoying the experience

27. Because it’s basically like walking into a ghost town. (Okay, not quite). 

28. Feeling like a celeb when the newspaper man keeps hassling you to take the free paper

29. And having enough room on the train to actually read it

30. Knowing you’re being crammed into carriages with fellow stony faced Londoners

31. All intent on getting to their destination as quickly as possible

32. But the best thing of all has to be exchanging that very rare smile with a fellow Londoner…

33. Because we’re all connected by our love for this city 


Feature Image: Veronica Aguilar

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