400 Londoners Welcomed In The Solstice From The Top Of The Shard

Guy Parsons Guy Parsons

Shard View Sunrise

Morning Gloryville threw a shamanic sunrise party to celebrate the longest day of the year.

Early starts, sobriety, heights, mysticism – this morning’s sold-out solstice session, high above London on View from the Shard‘s 72nd floor, was a powerful combination of my least favourite things. But lucky for you, I checked it out for you anyway!

As the sun started to rise at 4.43am…

There were… GONGS.

There was contemplation, which also looks quite like everyone has just been told off.

And as the sun rose higher…

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…there was some vaguely creepy chanting?

HAIL AND WELCOME THE ENERGIES OF FIRE AND THE SOUTH. Um do I have to? I think I might go get a smoothie.

There was a bit of yoga-ing about the place.

Summer Solstice Shard London

Very nice it was too.

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And then, hooray, it was time for a dance.

Shard Disco

In the absence of harder stimulants, the volume was simply set to BLEEDING EARDRUMS.

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But those as chronically inhibited as me could just enjoy the sweet sunrise instead.

Shard View Sunrise

Good solstice guys.

If you’re less ‘Mark Corrigan at Rainbow Rhythms‘ and more of a free spirit, then the next Morning Gloryville is at Ministry of Sound on Wednesday, July 12. Find more details here.

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